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Outlook Bright for Green Products and Services

Green N Brown an online retailer of eco friendly and organic products announced the results of its quarterly end user survey, 2010 American Green Behavior. The survey evaluates over 590 American consumers and measures their awareness of and preferences for green products and services, and their purchase decisions and processes. The survey also looks at […]

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the Thinker replica 3

What Distance Would You Go to Find Meaning in Your Life?

I’m going to tell you about an amazing woman who traveled over 1,000 miles to see me…but it wasn’t really about me…it was because of something far greater. She was following her inner guidance, but I’ll get to that in a moment. When my book was finally published this summer, after writing and editing it […]

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UK Wind Farm Prospects Take a Turn for the Worse

The UK government’s ambitious target to reach 20% renewable energy generation across all energy souces, by 2020 looks a lot less likely to be achieved this year, from a large contribution from land based wind farms, than it did 6 months ago. When we first posted this in November 2010, the coalition government had just […]

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Bird flights marvels revealed by imaging: Humming bird in flight.

New Bird Flight Marvels Revealed by University of Montana Flight Laboratory Researchers

A lab that has won National Science Foundation funding for 25 years, and published dozens of papers has released details of their research in an interview with, which shows some amazing newly discovered features of bird flight. Dial, is a biologist at University of Montana Flight Laboratory, who, in 1988, founded the lab at […]

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anaerobic digestion process

Anaerobic Digestion Process Used on Effluent from a Ben & Jerry’s (Unilever) Ice Cream Factory

Construction has started on an anaerobic digestion bio-digester at a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Hellendoorn, the Netherlands. The bio-digestion process, is uniquely green process. Related Articles You That May Like To Read:Dairy farm to produce electricity from manure – Iron Mountain Daily NewsDairy farm to produce electricity from manureIron Mountain Daily […]

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organic milk

Organic Milk Has More Beneficial Fats And Consistent Quality

Organic milk has reduced saturated fats. It is more nutritionally beneficial than its chemically fertilised equivalent. What the organic community has been saying for a long time has in general been found scientifically correct, according to researchers from Newcastle University. Other visitors found the following interesting:Fish Oil: What’s the Best Way to Add Omega-3 Fatty […]

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Macular degeneration cure

Macular Degeneration Cure May Lie in Enzyme Found by Scientists

The journal “Nature” has reported that an international group of research scientists believes they have found a link between one of the leading causes of blindness and… Other visitors found the following interesting:Aspirin Use Linked to Age-Related Macular Degeneration – Monthly Prescribing ReferenceAspirin Use Linked to Age-Related Macular DegenerationMonthly Prescribing ReferenceAge-related macular degeneration (AMD) accounts […]

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Products from waste materials

UK Environment Agency Takes Further Steps to Enable Industry to Produce Products from Waste Materials

In recent years there has been a rapid increase in UK recycling, however, there has also been disappointment at the difficulties experienced by innovative recycling organisations when it comes to the Waste Regulations. Other visitors found the following interesting:Australia’s peak avocado body has criticised a lack of industry consultation … – ABC OnlineABC OnlineAustralia’s peak […]

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