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3 Amazing Electronic Devices Trends To Emerge From CES This Year

The Consumer Electronic Show CES this year was a superb collection of cool electronic devices that will make any tech aficionado drool like a thirsty dog. But what underlying current trends or expanding developments is hidden behind all the glass, steel and plastic? These are the top three functions you can count on future cool gizmos to possess:

Gesture Recognition :
The mouse and keyboard have dominated personal computer interface for decades, but the tablet has in its own little way opened a long-suppressed demand for various methods to interact with personal computers. That demand is now getting expressed in awesome electronic devices that understand different gestures, from eyeball motion to brain wave patterns.

Augmented Reality spectacles are 1 illustration of the electronic gizmos highlighting this trend. AR spectacles could examine what you are looking at by scanning the movement of your eyeballs and the objects they are focusing on. A variety of functions could then show up, like showing the lyrics to a song or a short table of information about a client device.

You also have these cool electronic devices that really read the brain waves in your brain. This may sound like something that came straight out of science-fiction, but rest assured that this tech is extremely true and is being developed for the regular consumer.

Adaptable Phones :
Don't you hate it when you drop your phones in water or how they crack in your pocket when you suddenly hit something with your leg? These electronic devices are seeing new technology that could make them resist a lot of the day-to-day dangers they are exposed.
Take for illustration curvy displays. This interesting trend in tech could see phones, tablets and e-readers bending all around like sheets of plastic. This can make the gizmos thinner, lighter and a lot more importantly, resistant to the pressure placed upon them when positioned in pockets. That and they make for extremely great devices that will wow persons like no tomorrow.

Waterproofing technology also supports hold your electronic gizmos alive in case they get exposed to water. You have these gizmos that coat other gizmos with a fine layer of particles that repel water but don't block working components like buttons, audio jacks or battery charger ports.

These two techs taken together highlight a trend in which our most utilized devices – phones – are better capable to better adapt to a different variety of practical difficulties.

Portable units and several other electronic gizmos are becoming a lot more dependent on each and every other thanks to 1 piece of technology: PC's.

Slate tablet PC's are serving as control hubs for connecting to and interacting with a wide selection of devices, from smaller personal gizmos like phones and alarms to larger pieces of hardware like Televisions and refrigerators.

Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G technologies make this feasible. You could set your Television to record your preferred video even while you are stuck at office thirty miles away from residence. You could have your wide-screen Television play high-definition video clips stored in your tablet.

To summarize, electronic devices are becoming a lot more linked to each other. All it needs is a couple of swipes and a few button presses to get tasks done remotely.

Keep these trends in mind – you will inevitably see them in several of the electronic devices that will appear in 2013 and past!

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