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A Really Fascinating Read On Many Historic Changes Of The Last 40 Years

The author, Phil Brewer, flew the A7D Corsair 2 & A10A Warthog serving the USAF; was a trainer for the Saudi Air Force and an airline pilot. He captained numerous start-up businesses, including a multiple location dining establishment chain, was a business coach and speaker, and President of an International Christian Charity. He continues to be engaged in numerous endeavors both locally and globally.
Phil’s other books include the popular “Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen, a Cook Book for Every Man” and the extremely acclaimed business related book, “G Suit and Helmet Not Required, 4 Secrets of Doing Business Like A Fighter Pilot.”

A brief and thought provoking book about some of the numerous little things that have altered for many people … Read about those that may take you back in time … “8 tracks, in the late 60’s altered the vehicle instantly. For years, small town America could anticipate a night of “cruising the drag.” This was a normal Friday night occurrence.”.
“I remember believing one day that even though I wasn’t old, the world that I matured in was becoming a very different place for my children and grandchildren. Somehow, I wanted to chronicle and gather some of these changes.”.

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