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Methods to Aid Acceptance for Publication in Top Scientific Journals Announced

After spending years working on your research, you have reached the final stages and are preparing you manuscript for submission. This is a crucial point in your work as, no matter how impressive your results may be, your manuscript needs to accurately and clearly impart these findings to its readers. With positions in top journals being extremely competitive, you must ensure that your manuscript has an edge on its competitors. Editing services can help improve manuscripts at this submission stage, such as Bioedit, who have spent over 10 years working with authors to ensure that their work is in the best possible form in order to be published in the world’s top journals, like Nature and Cell. To help you achieve this success, this article shares with you some advice for manuscript submission to help you avoid the most common submission mistakes.

The most important aspect of manuscript composition is ensuring that your work is tailored towards its audience. If you are submitting to a multi-disciplinary journal, make sure that your work is comprehensible to those outside your field of study. Consider including more explanatory sections and defining concepts and abbreviations that may be standard in your field. Conversely, if you are writing for a journal specific to your field, do not waste space over-explaining basic concepts. Your work will have more impact if it is written concisely, and is more likely to achieve favourable reviews. For further information, read more detailed advice on writing style atBioedit.

Another common error is not using the resources provided by the journal. Most journals have general guidelines and advice for authors, and these are invaluable when preparing your manuscript. There are also online resources on editing sites, where you can access general author guidelines ( …) and journal-specific author guidelines ( so that you can quickly and easily check that your work conforms to the journal requirements. It is worth spending the time double-checking, as reviewers easily pick up on guideline-related errors in the reviewing process.

Finally, a common and easy-to-correct error is submitting a manuscript with grammar and spelling mistakes. When work is badly written, irrespective of the significance of the findings, it makes it difficult for the reviewers to understand and thus is less likely to be accepted for publication. Proofreading and editing are therefore of paramount importance in manuscript preparation. Editing services, like Bioedit (, work with authors to ensure that their work is clear, concise and comprehensible. For authors who are comfortable writing in English, their proofreading service ensures that all spelling and grammar mistakes are avoided, and that the text is well-presented and comprehensible. The manuscripts are checked by their in-house proofreaders with First-class BA & MA English degrees. For authors who need more help writing in English, their Comprehensive Editing service adds another round of editing by their area-specific Scientific Editors. Unlike other editing services, Bioedit only uses subject-specific, experienced editors with doctorate degrees. They also provide an editing certificate to guarantee the high quality of the work. Finally, for work that is destined for immediate publication, their Comprehensive Editing PLUS provides three rounds of editing. This service is ideal when the paper must be published directly without any further editorial input. Details of all these services and the different speeds they provide are available on their website,, along with grammar hints and tips ( to ensure that your manuscript survives the submission process to be published in the top scientific journals.

BIOEDIT LTD, an on-line English editing company, provides professional English editing and English proofreading services to researchers in the life sciences who wish to have their work checked for correct English usage and grammar before they submit it to academic journals in biology and medicine for publication. To achieve high quality editing, BIOEDIT selects accomplished and experienced native English-speaking bioscience editors from world-renowned universities and centres of research to provide an English editing service that ensures faithful conveyance of ideas, correct grammar, and punctuation.

Based near The University of Manchester in Stockport, UK, BIOEDIT oversees the checking of your work in-house, from start to finish. As specialists in the life sciences, we are dedicated to scientists in this area, striving to ensure the most important research is recognised, published and read by the largest possible audience worldwide.

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