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After Another Successful Tourism Season In Croatia, The National Traveller Board Has Sprung Kind Of A Surprise With The Releasing Of Its 2012 Promotional Video.

From ‘The Mediterranean as it Was ‘ to ‘The New Tourism Star of the EU Union ‘, the Croatian Tourist Board’s new promotional video shows a marked change in approach and focus for 2012.

After another successful tourism season in Croatia, the nation’s visitor board has sprung something of a surprise with the release of its 2012 promotional video, moving next year’s focus clearly away from its largest attraction – the shocking Adriatic coast – in favour of promoting more inland tourism.

The four-and-a-half minute video, an amazingly produced piece featuring star Croatian cellist Ana Rucner playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, definitely grabs the awareness, as she moves from the fields of agricultural Croatia to the trams of Zagreb and finally to the Croatian coast.

As a spectacular overview of the whole country, it lays out the various nature of the former Yugoslav republic’s toursim offer, but it also shows a marked change in the tourism ministry’s concentrate on tourism, an important sector in Croatia’s economy.

The country’s tourism industry has recovered well from the devastation of the recent war in the region, principally thanks to a very effective promotional program under the slogan, The Mediterranean as it Was, whose focus was on the attractions of the Adriatic coast, with its wonderful stone walled cities, for example Dubrovnik, and fascinating islands such as Hvar.

The strategy worked, and the official tourism numbers reflect an impressive growth rate in the sector, which continued in 2011, with Tourism Minister Damir Bajs reporting a 7.6% increase in holiday makers in the 1st nine months of 2011 of the correspondent period in the year before, while overnight stays were up 6.7%, according to local media reports.

The Croatian coast draws plenty of younger holiday makers, interested by the beaches and party feel, an angle that was conspicuously missing from the new video, which targeted more about the heritage, conventions and variety of the country.

The ministry may be banking on the fact that the coast is now sufficiently well marketed to sell itself, with Dubrovnik now a really sought-after destination, while the island of Hvar has just been named as Lonesome Planet’s number 5 destination for 2012. Definitely the new official slogan – The New Tourism Star of the EU Union – suggests a departure away from the coast,writes

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