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Amazon Ignores Government Copyright Laws And Trademark Laws

Seller performance is highly dysfunctional and sends every seller into a loop filing for copyright/trademark infringement over and over again. If another seller is using your images or trademark Amazon is not following government guidelines for protecting your property. Seller performance will turn off the infringing seller product for 24 hours and back up again?

Here is the page Amazon had me fill out 25 times,, then they send you this forever, Before we can take action on your complaint, we ask that you clarify how these items infringe your rights by re-submitting your complaint with your answers to these questions:

– Are you the manufacturer?
– Do you believe the offers in your complaint do not match the product detail pages?
– Do you believe that your trademark appears on products that you do not manufacturer?
– Do you believe that your trademark is used inappropriately on the product detail pages?
– Have you placed test orders? If yes, be sure to provide the Amazon order numbers.

Their system for handling this is broken and sends you into a nasty never ending loop of the same forms to fill out forever. In the end you get sick of supplying your government serial numbers of copyright and trademark. You have no choice but to hire a lawyer.

Amazon Does not Respect Government Copyrights Or Trade Mark Forcing Sellers to Hire Attorneys
Every maker's rights have to be respected by other manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, merchants or sellers. Nonetheless, this has actually not been strictly observed by Amazon since you can discover other sellers using your business's images or hallmark on Amazon and nothing is done. Therefore there is no doubt that seller performance has actually ended up being extremely inefficient and every seller that attempts to follow it up is sent into a circle of filing for copyright/trademark violation over and over once again with no outcomes. Amazon is not following government standards for protecting sellers' property since it has actually permitted other sellers to use your hallmark or images freely. This act of amazon neglecting sellers' rights is what has actually compelled numerous of them to work with attorneys so about follow up the violation process.