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Amazon Trademark Violation by a Fake Seller and the Need To Enforce Trademark Regulations

When on a routine check for fake sellers Russell Card of Ice Sphere Tech, a company that offers special kitchen area gadgets, found fake listings from a seller on his trademarked items. After attempting to fix the violation by speaking to the seller and getting no response, he proceeded to fix the issue with Amazon.

Amazon suggested a test purchase before reporting the violation, which Ice Sphere Tech did and validated that it was not the exact same item and the quality was significantly low. The fake cool kitchen area gadgets seller continued to interfere with the actual kitchen area essentials listings, first by editing a product page and including variations that did not exist.

The next day, the ASIN number was changed, efficiently getting rid of Ice Sphere Tech from their own listing and turning control of the brand-new kitchen area gadgets page over to the fake seller. Ice Sphere Tech soon regained control of their best kitchen area gadgets noting but the changes from the counterfeiter stayed. The hijacker was reported and the test purchase introduced as evidence and Hijackers page was reverted back to the original?

The next day Ice Sphere Tech, the initial kitchen area tools business, found they had actually been reported as the fake variation of the Amazon kitchen area device establishments. They reacted by offering legal documents including their copyright numbers government proof as evidence of ownership. After speaking to Amazon, their necessary kitchen area tools noting was restored to them within twelve hours, but that was not the end of the story.

Two days after being removed, the counterfeiter had actually once again been noted on the item page. After filling out the violation report over two dozen times in a circuitous course in which Ice Sphere Tech lost lots of orders and the counterfeiter continued to be enabled to sell the fake kitchen area gadgets on the actual kitchen area tools page, exactly what is left without involving an attorney?

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