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As A Marketing Slogan, Your Croatian National Tourist Board Warrants Full Credit For An Superb Job In Resurrecting The Country’s Important Tourist Industry After The Damaging War In Former Yugoslavia.

As a former Croatian tourism minister is fired by Dubrovnik’s gran for comments about the drunk antics of Australian along with New Zealand tourists, the debate concerning the type of tourism Croatia is looking to attract continues.

Croatia. The med as it Once Was. As a advertising and marketing slogan, the Croatian National Visitor Board deserves full credit for an excellent job throughout resurrecting the country’s vital tourist market after the devastating war throughout former Yugoslavia.

The successful rebuilding of Croatia’s tourism sector
Proving to be a new country with self-reliance, Croatia has successfully were able to re-brand itself as a young along with hip must-see destination, with its stunning coastline and 1185 islands because the main attraction. After a file season in 2011 – no less than according to official statistics and with the island of Hvar known as as Lonely Planet’s range 5 destination for 2012, the continuing success of Croatian tourism looks assured, but is all because rosy as it seems, and it is the current tourism the type how the country is looking for?

Recent remarks made by former Tourism Minister, Pave Zupan Ruskovic, in her current position because destination manager for Dubrovnik, possess focused debate on the kind of tourism Croatia is attracting. She was informed by simply Dubrovnik mayor Andro Vlahusic that her contract would not be renewed after she told a local newspaper she would prefer it if Australian and Kiwi tourists would avoid Croatia’s top destination, also known as the particular Pearl of the Adriatic.

“Already when coming into the city they are drunk along with crazy. And that’s absolutely not appropriate for any city and in particular for Dubrovnik,” she told the particular Dubrovacki List.

Australian and Kiwi tourists making headlines in Dalmatia
Young Australian and Kiwi tourists have made the headlines for all the incorrect reasons in recent times on the Dalmatian shoreline. A Perth woman was hospitalised throughout Dubrovnik after attempting a jump into the sea from a cliff previous August, some 24 hours following a West Australian citizen struck a concrete roof throughout Split while attempting to jump off a ravine.

A Twenty-five year-old man from Victoria died about the island of Brac last Summer, jumping from a cliff. Over a yacht off Hvar, meanwhile, a New Zealand woman almost misplaced her hand, during a freak accident in the bathroom off of a yacht, while having sexual intercourse with a British man, because the bathroom sink collapsed along with left her hand dangling by a thread – she was helicoptered to Split and the girl hand was saved. Split is one of the most interesting Croatian summer area for holiday. Here you’ll find good accommodation such as Split hotel.

It might be unfair to label this particular as an Antipodean problem – just ask the average Spanish vacation resort about its young English visitors – and the drunk behaviour of a British royal prince in a Hvar nightclub swimming pool was far from an isolated example of English behaviour in Croatia previous summer, but it does emphasize the issue of the type of travel and leisure Croatia needs, and exactly what it has to offer apart from the stereotype of beaches and nightlife.

Dubrovnik’s gran Vlahusic said that Ruskovic’s comments were unacceptable, and that Dubrovnik was a free along with open city, and all tourists were welcome, whatever how old they are or origin.

“The common purpose of all of us who work for the city tourism is to gain because the best quality as we can. It can be a assure of security and a pleasant stay of visitors no matter of their origin or age group,” said the gran.

The comments that have cost Ruskovic the girl job are not in solitude, however, and the mayor of Hvar Town, Pjerino Bebic, received a application from residents against the evening partying and drunkenness in September.

Hvar as a 12-month destination
Hvar is an fascinating case in point in the direction which Croatian tourism chooses. Croatian tourism is as simple as no means one-dimensional with its beach front and party offer – it has a rich natural, national and activity offer to attract tourists of all ages throughout the year.
As the Carpe Diem Full Moon parties, the particular Lonely Planet endorsement along with the antics of Prince Harry will guarantee that it is in one of the cool places in 2012, the challenge to the island – and Croatia as a whole – is to much better promote its other various tourism riches.
Hvar, for example, is best known for its beaches, sunshine and nightlife, but its true tourism offer is away from the drinking water and nightclubs. It has a abundant history, including UNESCO-protected sites along with processions, with Neolithic, Greek, Roman and Venetian sights. Known as the Lavender Island, there’s an enviable agro-tourism sector, with jasmine, olive and wine harvests duplicated by some of the best wines in the area, from vineyards with the most sun in the Adriatic. Twelve-month activities include sailing, cycling, hiking, yoga, day spa tourism, kayaking and ocean fishing, with luxury hotel including Hotel Adriana, one of Fodor’s Top players Hotels for 2011.

The marketing campaign of the Croatian National Visitor Board for 2012 has shown a marked change in direction, because the Mediterranean slogan has been replaced by Croatia: The New Tourism Star of the European Union (observe video above), with a marked shift in emphasis away from the Adriatic shoreline towards inland tourism along with traditions. 2012 promises to become an interesting year for Croatian travel and leisure as reported

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