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Great Adele Eyelashes

Adele Eyelashes, and How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

Many people think that the eyelash fascination trend which we see all around us, these days, started with Adele, and certainly she is very skilled in generating a fascination for her “brand” a part of which is her distinctive looks which are accentuated by her eyelash beauty. Nobody could contest thath the British music artist […]

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Not Hannah Waterman - An Eastenders TV Soap Scene

Hannah Waterman: How she Achieved Her Acclaimed Weight Loss

Actress Hannah Waterman made top press releases in the United Kingdom when she went from size sixteen to size six in apparently one sweep. Folk , without doubt, were attracted towards the Hannah Waterman weight loss story as well as her breakup with her hubby after her metamorphosis. You can see Hannah’s dazzling new look […]

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Party Pledge to be “Greenest Government Ever” Rings Hollow

The following article is from the Independent Newspaper UK (Wednesday 26 October) and lists nine subject areas in which the Conservative  Party dominated coalition government is pulling back on green issues, much of which represents advances made over the last ten years or so, and just one environmental issue on which the government has carried out a U-turn, due to protests: […]

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Hollywood Cookie Diet and What It Comprises

There isn’t a more amazing formula for weigh loss on the market. The Hollywood Celebrity Cookie Diet will solve all of your weight loss issues in weeks instead of months. Let’s not forget about the 7 day money back guarantee if you fail to lose weight! All of your concerns were taken into consideration before […]

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man with beer sleeping

If You Get Drunk Quickly it May Be in Your Genes

A recent study points to genetics as a potential reason that some people seem to be more affected by alcohol than others. Kirk Wilhelmsen, senior author of a paper in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, thinks that their findings could potentially change what we think we know about alcohol and how it affects […]

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