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Microsoft Avatar Kinect for Xbox LIVE May be Launched at CES

Kinect avatarA leak has revealed that Microsoft might unveil a new Xbox 360 social communication system called Avatar Kinect (TM) at the CES 2011 event.

For those of you who don’t know, Kinect (TM) is a new addition to Xbox 360 which allows you to use your entire body as the controller. The Microsoft Kinect is priced at about $150, and it can be bought with additional bundles with their Xbox 4GB for around $200.

It is thought that Microsoft’s new Avatar Kinect will use the motion-sensing gaming peripheral to control the Xbox LIVE avatars of gamers as they interact with each other, have conversations and watch content or play games together.

This is a whole new type of functionality which it is thought, will have its own area in Xbox LIVE. It also appears that it will come as a software update delivered over Xbox LIVE. Games manufacturers have in the past years become aware that a rising proportion of seasoned gamers like to communicate with each other while playing games together, and they use a variety of instant messaging and communications methods, so the use of Avatars like this will we assume develop that trend in a whole new way.

The Kinect has been one of the hottest new peripherals since it was released in the middle of last year, and from the point of view of the computer game manufacturers allows them additional opportunities to widen their market for those that would never with to spend tie outside the office in front of a keyboard.

Microsoft announced in the autumn that Kinect sold over one million units in its first ten days, and was set to exceed their original goal of five million sold by the end of the year.

Kinect is similer to the wii which beat it to the market, but is claimed to be much better sports moves games. You can even talk to it, and as it has no controler it avoids the possible hazards from holding a piece of plastic which if thrown accidentally might in rare cases during energetic games, conceivably cause slight injury.

Microsoft’s Kinect takes most of what has been known from previous controler devices about motion-sensing gaming and throws it out the window. The human body has in truth become the controller, and the aim is to change how people interact with games and media on the Xbox 360, and then in other systems, such as PCs and touchpads, no doubt, as well.

In fact, the potential is so great for this that Kinect hacking is a new area. It is probably still only at the very early stages, but what is clear is that hackers are one step ahead of Microsoft in demonstrating the potential of the technology for use on PCs. However, it no doubt it won’t be long before Microsoft release applications for PCs as the opportunities are though to be substantial.

(TM): Kinect is a Trade Mark of the Microsoft Corporation

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