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Benghazi Lies,Forsaken In Benghazi

As Hillary specified," what difference does it make?" I was amazed when I heard that originated from her mouth. As an American, I am ashamed how we let our own die from these attacks with out even engaging to assist them, when asked for. This book I check out, describe to me how the Obama administration and Hillary knew that there were going to be attacks on Christopher Stevens and the others, had a lot of notification but simply rested on their thumbs and not did anything!

We as Americans have to get up and vote the ideal leaders in office. In the exact same time kicking the pinheads out. We have to put in white house who will certainly not coward to terrorists, who will certainly not ask forgiveness to our enemies, and we have to vote for a person who is not afraid to put our enemies in their spot.

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The Benghazi Scandal, Betrayed In Benghazi More than a year after the attack in Benghazi, absolutely nothing is dealt with. There are still numerous concerns as to exactly what the U.S. government understood prior to the attacks, why it didn't react to calls for more security and why it continued to assert the attack was the result of an anti-Muslim video when it was clear it was a planned terrorist attack. The continuous FBI and Five-House Committee examinations are still trying to figure out exactly what took place and exactly what the U.S. response must have been. Additionally, it is still not yet known whether or not the CIA was an active participant in the days leading up to the attack. No person has been jailed since yet and it is unclear whether anybody will certainly ever be held responsible. Details are still emerging about the Benghazi event; however, by assembling various eye-witness accounts of that night, a factual narration of exactly what took place has emerged and the reality could be hard to take in. But a blind eye can not be turned. The government's actions before, during and after the event speak volumes about the concerns and ambitions of this administration. Just the facts can avoid a situation such as this from taking place again.

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