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Its Blue Monday Blues Today All Around the World

Blue Monday - a sad face!Yes, today is it! Don’t laugh. Blue Monday is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. And, the day always falls on the third Monday of January in each year.

Why? What is so bad about the third Monday in January you may well ask! Well, according to various scientists it’s when on verage all people feel blue the most.

All that consumer spending from Christmas followed by the New Year Sales, is over, and has to be paid for. Most of the world’s population live in the Northern Hemisphere where the weather is likely at its worst.

On top of all that, for the last few years we have the economic situation and thinking about; “whenever will that get better?”

In fact, it’s enough to drive you to thinking about food… Oh! No! So many of us are fenced in on that one at this time of year as well. Maybe, thinking of food isn’t so pleasant, as many of you will be on a diet, induced by remorse after the Christmas and New Year party season.

Maybe, the best antidote to Blue Monday for the most people is thinking about and planning for their summer holidays. That is certainly fun, but how many of us can afford it this year? Plus, put the brochures down and the events planned seem such a long way ahead!

The concept that there is a day every year when as a society we’re most likely to feel depressed was thought up by a British psychologist. He’s Dr Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University, and  in 2005, who did some research on this and concluded it was real.

He took into account a series of factors, including the weather, the day most of us get paid, and the gap in time before we get paid again. He also thought that this Monday was the worst for those who have broken their New Year’s resolutions. Those people fret about the number of days since their New Year’s resolution was broken, and when we all think of the number of days gone since Christmas, then for most of us by now, the ambience that came from the enjoyment of those celebrations, has truly worn-off.

Whether you believe that Blue Monday, “the worst day of the year”, really exists, what many we would suggest is that the biggest antidote to sadness is to stop thinking of yourself and consider others.

Blue Monday can be a force for inspiration if we use it as a time to think of others worse off, and do something positive to help.

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