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An Introduction to Purchasing Management – Buying and Supply Chains

Welcome to your introduction to purchasing management where commerce and computer technology often automates buying, stock control and activity throughout the supply chain. The global pandemic of 2020 has shown just how central to all businesses purchasing management has now become. It has brought into focus the stark and very important realization of today’s highly […]

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The Horse Slaughter in the US for Human Consumption Debate Continues

On This Page Transport of horses for slaughter The facts about horse slaughter Is horsemeat safe for human consumption? Horse Slaughter Is Not Euthanasia. Horse slaughter is big business Unwanted Horses and Horse Slaughter FAQ Supporters of horse slaughter in the United States put forth many arguments to support their position. But if you look […]

A typical backup generator

Things You Should Ask When Buying a Backup Generator

Owning a backup generator is not an option anymore. With power blackouts and failures becoming more common than before, it has become a vital piece of equipment that every business owner needs to invest in. Particularly, the organizations that are into manufacturing trade need a continuous power supply to keep up with their production work. […]


Profitable Business Ideas – 10 Ways to Generate Them Yourself

Who knows – your next million-dollar profitable business ideas might be right underneath your nose. 1: Ask Questions of Yourself to Come Up with Profitable Business Ideas Get interested and involved in what’s going on, both around you and around the world. That way you will have fun and expose yourself to real-life problems which need […]