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Ebola: Prepper Tips From My Experiences With Ebola

Did you ever imagine that Ebola would come to the U.S.A? The current epidemic of Ebola is a game changer for us all. Formerly films like Outbreak and Contagion were fascinating thrillers to enable us leave from the humdrum of life. Never in our wildest dreams did we think Ebola would be an issue in our healthcare facilities. The current predictions are that the hazard of Ebola beyond Africa will remain till next Spring. Are you prepared? Prepping as usual falls short of what is required for this tiny but powerful filovirus.

As time passes it becomes clear that medical systems all over the world were simply not prepared. There is currently a scramble to set up plans and train healthcare experts in the use of personal safety devices in addition to the detection and care of people infected with Ebola.
The learning curve is really steep. Basically, Ebola has actually previously simply been a problem in Africa along the path of migration of the fruit bat (the fruit bat is believed to be the host of the virus). The industrialized world is upskilling quickly to deal with the virus.

As always there is much we can gain from Africa. Since its discovery in 1976, there have actually been a number of significant outbreaks of Ebola in Africa. Chip Muldoon survived 2 significant outbreaks of Ebola and found out numerous things along the way.

Chip is a self-confessed prepper and still found himself sadly unprepared physically and emotionally from the results of Ebola. In this ebook, he explains his experiences and how he now makes use of those experiences to modify his prepping to-day in the U.S.A.

The book is a mix of stories and advice and is convincing reading. The conclusion of the book might surprise skilled preppers. It certainly shocked Chip himself.

The ebook is just available on Amazon. For a restricted duration the book will be available free of charge for download to your reading device. On November 1 readers and preppers can enjoy this book free of charge. Certainly a must read!

Ebola is a game|a video game changer for preppers everywhere. Prepping for Ebola is different. Chip Muldoon is a prepper who has actually worked in 2 Ebola outbreaks. This is the book he never ever wished to write. It restores uncomfortable memories. In this book he shares how he modified his prepper activities to adjust to the realities of a terrible Ebola outbreak. A must read.

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