bird diverter to protect fruit trees

What is a Bird Flight Diverter? – Plus Marvels of Motion in Bird Flight

If you are like me, when you saw your first bird flight diverter you probably thought; “What on earth is that!” Read on and we will explain. What’s Bird Flight Diversion? Bird flight diversion is the politically correct term for a bird scarer. It always seemed vaguely absurd to describe an average scarecrow as being […]

(c) Noaa Via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/usoceangov/8901968972

Problems with Plastic Waste Mount Up – Case for Recycling Plastics Dubious?

With the recent publicity brought by the recent BBC series Blue Planet, in which a mother whale was seen to be mourning the death of her offspring killed by plastic waste in the ocean, many people are looking again at the use of plastics. In this article we look at what is being said, and […]