Illustration to the facts about pizza and nutrition.

Facts About Pizza and Nutrition – Easy and Simple Diet Facts to Answer Recent Press Publicity

The pizza and facts about pizza and nutrition. Traditional pizza is 13.75 inches in diameter with a crust, dough kneaded by hand. You should use extra virgin olive oil, a certain type of flour, salt, and yeast. My opinion is that San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella are best. But, that's just an opinion!

In summation, it really doesn’t matter where pizza originated. Everybody loves pizza. But, everyone is not from the same area, and their tastes, like their opinions, are different so is at all surprising that pizza recipes vary enormously.

Illustration to the facts about pizza and nutrition.

Facts About the History of Pizza

Check out these top fun facts about pizza & hamburgers – you can also scroll further down to watch the videos.

The term pizza covers a lot of territory. If you want to learn all about pizzas, then you should have a bit of a background on pizzas: specifically the history of pizza, pizza origin, pizza facts, and even pizza trivia such as who invented pizza.

Well, I guess you'd just like to eat some… But, not so fast this post is educational! Here are some awesome facts about your favorite food and mine: pizza.

Marketing Works Wonders for Food Businesses

6 Ways Pizza Can be a Healthy Food for You

Then, there is as always the use of poultry and seafood products as toppings that are regarded by many as being a healthier choice compared to regular pizza toppings.

Pizza is comfort food, not usually considered healthy in any real sense.

But, unknown facts are revealed in this post. Read the complete post to know more about why pizza can be healthy food if made with the right ingredients.

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat A Pizza?

Everybody loves pizza. Whether you’re keeping it simple with a plain old New York slice, getting wild with a Chicago deep-dish loaded with vegetables and meats, or enjoying a healthier California-style pizza topped with chicken and broccoli, you’re in heaven.

However, meats also have a lot of fat and cholesterol. Is pizza unhealthy for bodybuilding? Bodybuilders require high amounts of proteins so not really.

Foods for a Lazy Sunday

So, lazy birds, let's see what foods can we have on a lazy Sunday… Pizza, pizza, and pizza!

Unusual Pizza Toppings That’ll Amaze You.

Apart from vegetables, many things of a healthy “foodie” nature can very well be used as pizza toppings. Not only will your pizza be healthy, but at the same time it’ll be tasty and you’ll be amazed.

Foods that Fight Fatigue and Fill You with Energy

Some tips, as well as some energy foods that fight fatigue, consist of decreasing stress – along with eating foods that provide energy rather than depleting it.

Why it is hard to recycle Pizza food boxes?

But do you know how plastic is recycled?  Is it easy to recycle pizza boxes made of plastic? What kinds of difficulties are faced during recycling of different plastics? Is it easy to recycle Chinese takeout boxes?  Well, these and many other such kinds of questions may be roaming around your head? If yes, then read on and get some crucial and interesting facts about the recycling of plastics especially, pizza packaging material.

Many people assume that pizza boxes are recyclable. In fact, most boxes have recycling symbols on them and are traditionally made from corrugated cardboard so it's fine to recycle pizza boxes? WRONG!

Invariably by the time you've eaten a pizza the box is contaminated with food and food is one of the worst possible contaminants in the paper recycling process. Grese and oil soaks into the lower part of the box.

When paper products, like cardboard, are recycled, they are mixed with water and turned into a slurry. Water and oil don't mix! That's the issue. It is very clear immediately you think about it. Grease from pizza boxes causes oil to form at the top of the slurry. When oily, the paper fibers cannot be separated from oils during the pulping process. Essentially, this contaminant often means the entire batch of recycling has to be sent to landfill or incineration.

Amazing Facts you didn’t know about Pizza

Let’s see if we can think of some amazing facts and trivia about our top food!

  1. The word “pizza” first appeared in a Latin text from the southern Italian town of Gaeta, then still part of the byzantine empire, in 997 AD
  2.  An old text states that a tenant of certain property is to give the bishop of Gaeta Duodecim pizza (“twelve pizzas”) every Christmas day, and another twelve every easter Sunday”.

The best way to learn is by doing, so instead of reading more facts about pizza, find a Romeo near you and start eating to learn more about why pizza is such an amazing meal!

Mouthwatering Facts About Pizza

  1. September 20, is national pepperoni pizza day and we have some interesting facts about pizza for you.
  2. In Italy there is a bill before Parliament to safeguard the traditional Italian pizza, specifying permissible ingredients and methods of processing (e.g., excluding frozen pizzas)
  3. America's first pizza parlor is still operating today.
  4. Chicago's Pizzeria Uno invented the deep dish pizza.
  5. Domino's dropped its “30 minutes or less” guarantee in 1993 after a series of lawsuits accused the company of promoting unsafe driving.
  6. The first pizza wasn't made in Italy or the USA. It was ancient Greeks who gave birth to Pizza.
  7. America, England, France, and Spain started to know pizza properly after World War II. It was during WWII that many European and American soldiers tasted pizza during the occupation of Italian cities.
  8. The risk of esophageal cancer is reduced significantly if pizza is consumed at least once a week.
  9. An average American consumes 46 pizza slices in a single year.

If we’ve whetted your appetite with all these mouthwatering pizza facts and trivia, we’ve accomplished our goal.

The Three Musketeers and the Pizza Trend

Pizza. Comes from the Latin root word Picea which means the blackening of crust by fire.

The word pizza dates back over a thousand years; it was first mentioned in a Latin text written in southern Italy in 997 ce.

2. The Three Musketeers author Alexandre Dumas was one of the first people to take note of the pizza trend.

Alexandre Dumas, the author of the three musketeers, traveled to Naples in 1835 and noted that the Neapolitan poor ate nothing but pizza in the winter.

Facts About Pizza and nutrition - tasty but is it good and healthy?

Original Article posted on 2 Aug 2011:

Facts About Pizza and Nutrition – Easy and Simple Diet Facts to Answer Recent Press Publicity

If you are like me you like pizza. I would like to eat pizza a lot! So, what does the sensible person think about eating pizza from the point of view of pizza and nutrition?

Pizza is one of America's favorite foods. Despite its popularity, pizza is often one of the first foods we limit or avoid when adopting a heart-healthy diet. While most pizza options are high in fat, cholesterol, and sodium, you can still include pizza in a heart-healthy diet by making smart selections.

Choose a whole-wheat crust instead of one made with white flour. When ordering pizza, inquire if a whole-wheat crust is available or use whole-grain flour when making your own. Premade whole-wheat crust is also widely available.

Also, avoid too much of the fatty heavy pizza toppings.

You Can't Blame the Pizza for Obesity in the United States – Well Not Exclusively…

During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States.

According to the CDC, approximately 68% of American adults are overweight and 34% are classified as obese. Research shows that poor diet and lack of exercise play a significant role in this dramatic increase. However, through education and transparent nutritional information, consumers can make better decisions about what they put into their bodies. When selecting a fast-food menu item, it is important to pay close attention to the total calorie amount.

The FDA recommends the average person consume 2,000 calories per day (nutrition labels are based on this recommendation). Many fast food items 1,000 calories per serving and some dishes with more than 2,000 calories per serving. Also, look for menu items low in total fat, saturated fat, and sodium, as regularly consuming foods with high levels of each can be very detrimental to your health. With fast food nutrition now available to choose from, we can help you find the best one for your needs.


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