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Free Insect Pheromone Kits Offered to Selected Research Students Worldwide

Russell IPM Ltd is offering free pheromone monitoring kits to Universities and Agricultural research centers working on insects of economic importance. This offer is worldwide for research conducted during 2011 and it will cover universities and research centers in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The objective is to encourage the research in the role of pheromones as a part of integrated pest Management strategies of insect pests.

There are many cases where pheromone traps and lures helped to reduce damage to crops, rationalize the use of insecticides and helped to reduce its impact on the health of human and the environment.

The leaders of the research groups form Asia, Africa and Latin America can write to Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi, Russell IPM Ltd, through the company website

Manufacturer of pheromone monitoring and control systems used in Crop protection and public health. The company promote biorational products with minimum impact on the environment and encourage biodiversity.

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