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Long Awaited Game Update Duke Nukem Forever “Balls of Steel” Release Date Annnounced

It has been a record 14 years in development, but Duke Nukem Forever is finally coming out on May 6, for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, 2k has announced. A presentation box version will be available as a limited edition for those that have become sentimentally attached to the game series (merchandised now by 2k). It will be called the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition and the box will be large and filled with Duke Nukem artifacts, all replicas of iconic features of the game. A rather fine bust, in a “Nukem’ish sort of way” of the Duke himself is also included.

The original Duke Nukem is a sidescrolling game of robots, aliens, and of course lots of oversized and hyper-powered weapons. Proton is the other main character, and he will be well remembered as the guy who is trying to take over the world.

Duke Nukem always was, and remains as an amalgam of every hero that ever existed. A cliché made from clichés . A world has been created which is recognisable through his reality, which is always a slightly twisted fun-house reflection of our own. The game did have a distinct image, and was not the typical faceless hero of gaming, maybe that’s why so many will

remember it with affection and bo doubt queue up to try out this new edition.

The Duke has a presence throughout the action which is an in-your-face hero and a personality that simply won’t quit. B-movie plot was at the core of the original game, but that was state of the art at the time, and now for its devoted game fans is what made and makes it fun!

Duke Nukem despite its long absence of version renewals remains as one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the interactive entertainment industry. Now, just as nearly a decade and a half ago, it will have great appeal to the young gamer.

“…irreverent, always non-PC, and uber macho. Duke Nukem …”

It is irreverent, always non-PC, and uber macho. Duke Nukem, savior of scantily clad girls and unlikely aliens, is the perfect, uncompromising, ass-kicking hero to remedy the overdose of today’s gaming archetypes. Duke Nukem is described in various blogs as a real personality, a personality with 110% attitude, a character that in fact came from 3D Realms’ love of the ’80s and 90s action heroes of the day. The new game will be state of the art 3D.

Duke Nukem was a traditional platforming game, in which the player must guide Duke Nukem to the end of each level by destroying enemies, collecting points, and navigating the level. In addition to platforming and destroying enemies, players move through the game collecting upgrades that improve the quality of Duke Nukem’s weapons, increase his maximum health, and also accrue items with giving him special abilities.

Current games programming house “Gearbox’s”, President Randy Pitchford, who got his start working at 3D Realms, has been working on his company’s goal to finish the work 3D Realms started. In fact, the project re-started in 2001 when game creators had already been working on it at Gearbox, and a famous trailer was even released for the new game, before 3D Realms cancelled the games second-outing, a full 10 years ago.

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