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Recent events in Libya

Recent Events In Libya, Tunisia And Egypt Have Been Called ‘Twitter Revolutions’ But Can Social Networking Overthrow A Government?

Its being called a Twitter Revolution. Think about the categorical picture of the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa the idea that combines Egypt with Tunisia, Bahrain and Libya. It’s not been, in itself, the celebrations of Hosni Mubarak’s fall nor the battles in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Nor even the plain fact […]

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Michael Phelps diet for swimming

The Michael Phelps Diet – is it for you?

The Michael Phelps diet is receiving quite a lot of publicity right now, and some people that have heard there was a buzz around his diet are mistakenly thinking that it might be used for weight loss. Let us be clear. His diet is perfect for him, you can see that is self-evident from his […]

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The Outlook Is Good for Green Products and Services

Green N Brown, an online retailer of eco friendly and organic products announced the results of its quarterly end user survey, 2010 American Green Behavior. The survey evaluates over 590 American consumers and measures their awareness of and preferences for green products and services, and their purchase decisions and processes. The survey also looks at […]

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