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Getting Mild Pleasure With Political Tshirts

Sometimes it seems like we are a nation split in 2. There is a red half and a blue half, each feeling very strongly that they right and the opposite side isn’t right. Before elections, candidates ‘ signs litter our highways, streets and yards. Our mailboxes are full of pamphlets, and negative campaign commercials and infomercials take over our TVs. Everybody has an opinion, but , truth be told, it often looks like we are a nation of sheep, blindly following a party or an applicant, and unable to think for ourselves. Well, fortunately not everybody has lost their independence and humorous character, and what better way to delicately make fun of things or express a different opinion than with T-shirts?

Politics, naturally, are critical. Everybody has our views and viewpoints as to the way the world should be and how it should be run. And many of us have the urge to express ourselves with clever imagery and wordplay. If you should happen to feel like we the people are really sheep in this whole political process, hey, maybe that makes us sheepol ( rhymes with people and has “politics” thrown in ) in this demockrasee of ours ( yes, we do a little bit of ridiculing here ). And maybe we would like to use sympols of our independence. And if you think I am making up words, I am not ; the urban dictionary defines “sympol” as a easy political symbol representing a rhetorical metaphor. And sheeple as folks unable to think for themselves.

Mix in “politics” and you have sheepol. Throw it all together and you have demockrasee T-shirts.There are those who are sure that miscommunication is the serious issue in American politics today. Congressmen say what folks need to hear and what does not offend anyone. Or they build a platform of issues that gives candidates a way of pontificating without really announcing anything at all, or committing to anything. As punsters, we would counsel to keep things as sympol as practical and we consider clever political T-shirts as sympols of our independence.

So long as all of us are sheepols, why not a T-shirt that humorously shows that we at least consider ourselves as sheep that flock, or floc, differently? Or so long as the political parties view us as commodities, why not mock them a bit with clever commodatees Tshirts or younitee shirts? There’s just plenty of methods to have a laugh at the ultra-serious, indignant and regularly sleazy tone of political debate. I have seen political T-shirts with red or blue barcodes that smartly oppose the concept that we are political party commodities with a human serial number. Or clever use of signs and symbols to do anything from softly opposing a concept of idea all of the way to letting the world know how you feel.

Hey, if there are green T-shirts, environmental T-shirts, and a trillion T-shirts with commercial messages or dumb slogans ( I’ll never understand why that is considered cool ), why not a brainteaser floc differently T-shirt, a protest commodatees T-shirt, or something else that gets the message across? That is the least you can do as an independent member of the voting block, or floc. Life’s political and we live in a political culture, but nobody says you have got to be one of the sheep. Click here : tea party news and for more information.


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