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All About How High Water Pressure Can Damage Your Plumbing System

Many people make the mistake of assuming that high water pressure is good. It can cause expensive and annoying damage to your plumbing system. Excessive water pressure is considered to be one of the root causes of leaks, pipe damage and water wastage.

Image shows how it can be hard to find a high water pressure leak.
It can be hard to find a high water pressure leak. They can occur anywhere where there is a water pipe. – CC BY-NC by brf

With several parts of the world suffering from water scarcity, it is essential to prevent any form of water wastage. When the water pressure is on the higher side, it leads to water dripping from showers, faucets, and toilets. Over time, this leads to a high loss of water.

Pipe erosion is another major problem caused by high water pressure. It causes pipes to erode and create major problems with the plumbing system in your household. In fact, the high water pressure also causes loud banging sounds to come from your pipes when the water encounters a valve.

This is why houses that have high water pressure tend to creak and groan a lot. Excessive water pressure also reduces the lifespan of the many plumbing components, causing you to replace them sooner rather than later.

Some of the components affected by high water pressure include washing machine solenoid valves, water heater, dishwasher solenoid valve, faucets, ballcock fill valve inside the toilet tank, emergency shutoff valves and so on. Replacing these components before the end of their service life can be an expensive affair.

Here are a few ways to check whether you have high water pressure or not:

Running Toilet

Remove the tank lid and listen to the water filling up inside the tank. If there is a loud sound, you probably have high water pressure.

Faucet Drip

Image is a thumbnail illustrating the article "How to avoid high pressure water damage to your plumbing system".
Attention to this article can avoid you costly home repairs later.

If your faucets are dripping even after you have closed them, it may be an indication of high water pressure. Most faucets are not designed to handle high water pressure and may cause leaks.

If you have high water pressure, the solution is not too complicated. According to the experts at https://www.first4plumbing.co.uk/, installing a pressure regulating valve will help reduce the potential damage caused by high water pressure to your household plumbing system.

With high water pressure causing water wastage of up to 6 to 26 gallons of water, you will end up with a pricey water bill. Bringing down the water pressure level will help you save money and avoid water wastage at a time when droughts and water scarcity has become commonplace all over the world.

If you are not sure whether or not you have high water pressure, you need to look out for banging pipes, running toilets and leaking faucets and shower heads. These warning signs are often a clear indication of high water pressure.

High water pressure can be easily fixed with a PRV or a Pressure Reducing Valve. This will ultimately help reduce your water bill, extend the life of your plumbing components and so on.

At the end of the day, reducing your high water pressure is the best way to protect the plumbing system in your home from getting damaged before the end of their service

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