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Hollywood Cookie Diet and What It Comprises

There isn’t a more amazing formula for weigh loss on the market. The Hollywood Celebrity Cookie Diet will solve all of your weight loss issues in weeks instead of months. Let’s not forget about the 7 day money back guarantee if you fail to lose weight! All of your concerns were taken into consideration before the perfect weight-loss formula was developed. The cookies had to taste great to keep you motivated, suppress your appetite so that you would be less likely to binge, and be low fat so that you would shed pounds of fat. They also needed to be nutritious so that you wouldn’t have to go after other sources of fiber, protein, calcium, iron, vitamins and more to get fully replenished.

In fact, there is. A study was conducted in the United States involving 2,472 men and 12,309 women. 40 clinics were opened to accommodate the respondents of the longitudinal study. The subjects were asked to consume only cookies for a period of 8 months. Each subject was provided with a fat loss tracker to monitor their progress over the 8 month span.Moreover, the subjects were asked to return to the clinic at the end of each month to monitor their vitals. A full, exhaustive physical was conducted on each subject to ensure that their health was not jeopardized by subsisting on only cookies for a month.

The study discovered that 100% of the women and men who participated in the study lost weight for each of months that they subsisted on cookies.

The average women in the study lost 53 pounds and the average man lost 47 pounds. In addition, all of the vitals for every woman and man in the study were optimal for their age groups. The doctor’s who conducted the study concluded that the Hollywood Celebrity Cookie Diet did in fact lead to fat loss and were also sufficiently nourishing to subsist on for the rest of one’s natural life.

It is worth mentioning that every ingredient that went into creating the Hollywood Celebrity Cookie Diet was clinically tested and approved by governing health inspection administrators. Using the perfect combination of protein enzymes, macrobiotics, and amino acids, the cookies stimulate metabolic burnage and reduce the level of ghrelin in the bloodstream, which suppresses appetite.