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How The Tradition Of Giving Diamond Engagement Rings Began


Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are custom jewellery pieces that men give to their girlfriends when they decide to be together forever with their special someone. A lot of women are very excited when offered with these rings, and they consider them as some of the greatest treasures in their lives.

An engagement ring indicates to people that the wearer is engaged to another and is about to be married. The presentation and offering of such ring is a tradition of courtship in many lands, particularly in Western territories. In Ireland, North America, and the UK, these rings are typically worn only by ladies. In other cultures, both men and women put on rings, typically matching each other. And, in some countries, engagement rings can be utilized as wedding rings.

Always Look to the Left Hand of the Ring Finger as it is where to see Diamond Engagement Rings

In all cases, accepting the ring signals that the woman accepts the man’s proposal and represents a formal agreement to a wedding sometime soon. Customarily, it is worn on the left hand of the ring finger.

The custom of offering engagement rings goes back to Roman times. Yet it was not heavily practiced in the West until the 13th century. In fact, the first recorded use of a diamond ring to signify the formality of a wedding proposal was in an imperial court in Vienna in 1477. During that time, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a ring to his bride-to-be Mary of Burgundy.

Engagement rings were not the only betrothal gifts that were used years ago. For instance, before the 20th century, the lady received a sewing thimble rather than a piece of jewellery. The practice was commonplace, particularly in lands where strong religious organizations do not prefer jewellery. In the islands of the Pacific, cowrie shells were utilized instead of a ring. Engagement rings did not become traditional betrothal gifts until the end of the 19th century. In fact, it was only in the 30s when diamond stud earrings and diamond rings as gifts for engagement were common.

Nowadays, more than 80% of women in the West are presented a diamond ring in order to indicate an engagement and a proposal for marriage.

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