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Jamie Oliver “Food Revolution” Controversy Hits Again During 2nd Series Filming

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Jamie Oliver believes we all should know where our food comes from

Jamie Oliver and his production company are no more than a fortnight into filming their reality TV show’s second series and the celebrity cook is again facing  difficulties. His aim has been to continue his campaign for better healthier school meals by recording his reality TV show in schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). But the LAUSD remains at odds with his company filming in the district’s schools.

Jamie’s Kitchen, is Westwood-based and he clearly is still seeking a resolution which will allow filming to take place and the show to continue.

The spokesperson for the district, is reported to have said in the last few days that officials have been meeting with Oliver’s team, so it is assumed that a dialogue is still ongoing.

However, district officials are reported to hold the view that the school district is not the place to shoot a reality television show, so quite how this will be solved is not clear.

It is clear that at least one local private school agrees with the district. The Sinai Akiba Academy, which is a private school on Wilshire Boulevard, reportedly sympathizes with the district’s stance.

Chef, Oliver’s campaigning zeal is clearly as strong as ever, since he started his quest in the United Kingdom several years ago to, almost single-handed, and simultaneously confront fatty food loving kids, and turn school heads and cooks, council administrators and political purse-holders, into his campaign allies in the cause for our children’s dietary health.

He has the force of reason behind him of course. Our eating habits are set for life, as children. Steer our youth away from unhealthy over-processed and fat ridden foods, and the national obesity crises would in-time solve itself.

Jamie Oliver is one of the world’s best-known television personalities and one of Britain’s most famous exports. His television programs have now been broadcast in more than 50 countries, and the accompanying cookbooks have been translated into 26 languages.

Jamie has also chosen not to create a restaurant empire to practise his undoubted culinary skills, like many of his contemporaries. Instead he is treading a far more difficult career, starting a cooking school for underprivileged youth, and campaigning for better food in all school catering establishments. Jamie Oliver is surely swimming against the tide though.

At one level most people do agree that Jamie Oliver is pretty much right in his diagnosis of the problem, and his emphasis on finding the solution, through education. His biggest problem though came when he in effect, embarrassed an entire city on national television and undermined his own credibility by seemingly manipulating emotional TV moments.

He is convinced that we all must get back into the kitchen and cook for ourselves and our families. This Jamie believes is the only way we’ll succeed in cutting out the fast and overly processed foods that are making so many of us sick.

A number of commentators of his recent shows have taken the view that parents who were empathic and respectful, but who maintained clear boundaries and expectations, were portrayed as excessively authoritative. Clearly, he has to be sensitive to the parental indignation many parents feel when told that they have forgotten to teach their children about real food. That took more than one generation to happen, and putting that right should not be a burden placed wholly on the current generation of Mums and Dads.

He has also made a point, which has received much support from the public, when he says that it’s important for everyone, not just grown-ups, to understand where their food comes from. (See our picture above.) However, many parents do find it difficult that their children will also be taught one important fact about eating meat. That is the stark reality that even most adults choose not to think about. That is that killing animals is unavoidably part of the process.

However, Jamie Oliver won’t easily give up his great hope to help convince enough of those in education and in society generally about the value of healthy eating, to start a chain reaction of positive change across America, and actually make a difference.

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