Two laboratory technicians hold up a reactor vessel to introduce our laboratory glassware and equipment article.

The Significance of Laboratory Glassware and Advanced Equipment

Laboratory glassware and the advanced equipment found everywhere in today's labs performs are a largely unsung, but hold a crucial enabling function for the progress of science, and science education. Read on to find out how, why? It's all explained in this article, plus some great tips for working with glassware in labs.

Laboratory tools play an essential part in the overall growth of the students and enhance the learning processes. As most of the topics in the science field demand proof and calibration, the requirement for a well-equipped lab is growing on a daily basis. Also, laboratory glassware suppliers are doing a fantastic job by offering sufficient and top quality supplies to the colleges and schools.

Laboratory Glassware: Wide Range Available

Two laboratory technicians hold up a reactor vessel to introduce our laboratory glassware and equipment article.In the current market, you can find various kinds of instruments and equipment to use, yet most essential is given to the tool that is crafted from supercooled glass or liquid. Glassware of different sizes and shapes is seen in labs everywhere. From vacuum manifolds to lab flasks and sampling tubes, you can find a diverse range for your use depending on the purpose. For instance, quartz glass is resistant to high temperatures and translucent in particular areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. Heavy-wall glasses are particularly strengthened to be utilized in pressurized experiments, while the amber glass is darkened to stop UV and infrared radiation, hence making it perfect for storing fluids.

With such a substantial variety of glassware in the workplace and great precision needed in every experiment, it is vital that the tool is kept in high-quality condition. Still, there are many people who opt for a low quality and less environmentally friendly plastic substitute. Nevertheless, various substances and experiments depend on glassware, and hence it still plays a crucial role.

Choose Glassware Over Plastic Equipment

Laboratory glassware, as shown here, is everywhere in use in today\'s labs.
Amazing glassware technology we all take for granted!

Glass is one of the materials constantly favored over plastic for two main reasons; it’s better for you and for the environment. It is considered an excellent replacement for plastics because glass is comparatively inert which means it will not have any reaction to the chemicals or substances poured inside. They are easy to clean and maintain if you know the right way. It is transparent, giving you easy monitoring and heat-resistance, allowing for high temperatures whereas plastics leach chemicals.

Moreover, glass can be molded into different shapes and sizes by cutting, bending, blowing and framing. Due to its breakage potential, most labs ensure to train first-time staff or students to use glassware correctly and about the possible danger that comes with working with glass items.

Glass laboratory test tubes.
Laboratory test tubes – An amazingly important invention for the progress of science!

Basic Tips for Working with Glassware in Labs

When you work with glassware in a lab, it is essential to remember its restrictions that are associated with mechanical stress and thermal shock. Make sure to take strict safety measures all the time. Professionals at suggest when producing an exothermic reaction like when you dilute sulphuric acid, ensure you mix and cool it well, and that the reaction takes place in an appropriate vessel. Avoid utilizing volumetric flasks and graduated cylinders for exothermic reactions. Never heat the volumetric apparatus on heating plates as you will increase the risk of breakage.


Hopefully, now you understand the importance of glassware in the labs and why you should use them instead of plastics. Learn the right methods and follow the expert’s advice and you can use glassware properly.

Make sure to utilize safety tools like gloves, screens, and goggles, when performing any experiment in the lab.

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