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The World Sighs With Relief That Mandela is Recovering Well

Mandela recoveringNews that Nelson Mandela is well on the way to recovery from his chest infection of the last few days has been met with relief around the world that this remarkable statesman, will once again shrug off the problems of life, stay positive and be an example to all. South Africa’s Deputy President said that “He is in good health and that is all we are saying, continue with your prayers and well wishes that he will be with us to celebrate his 93rd birthday in July”.

Nelson Mandela is one of the world’s true freedom fighters, and his life and personal triumphs will be remembered long after the world has forgotten the evils of Apartheid. The genuine apprehension felt around the world over the last 72 hours and reflected by media reporting, once again reinforces  his standing. Nelson Mandela is truly one of the most respected people in the world. For so many reasons he is a great hero.

Nelson Mandela is a crucial representative of the change from a colonial bias to the avowal of national autonomy and grace. He’s a symbol, an icon, one of the planet’s most famed politicians, recognized and respected by all.

He dines with royalty, associates with the world’s great leaders and his opinion is sought and valued on all weighty matters. All South Africans in SA today may have equality assured by the constitution, but sadly a lot of them remain disadvantaged economically.

Many must continue to work to lift themselves out of misery, before they can hope to reach, even comparatively tolerable commercial conditions. That so many South Africans were absolutely excluded from political collaboration and many were attacked by their presidency during apartheid is fortunately very remote from the reality of S. A. of today. While plenty of the remainder of the planet’s economies are still even now, staggering to throw off the negative effects of the banking crises, South Africa’s economy is doing actually quite well.

Apartheid was a way of living from the 1950’s, to the early 1990s and Mandela understands what it implies to battle against giant odds. He spent virtually 30 years in jail for his work and perspectives on how life should be, as he knew there wasn’t any alternative. Captives for political reasons received few privileges. He was authorized one letter and one visitor every 6 months. Captives who were with him have often said that watching Mandela walk across the yard, upright and proud, was ample to keep them going for days.

He must have known that he was a model for others, and that must definitely be part of what gave him the power to victory over his very own situation. South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994 saw Mandela become the nation’s president till he stood down in 1999. He now lives with his 6 kids, grandchildren and great grandkids in his birthplace in Qunu, near Transkei. Long may that continue to be true. Was there ever someone with such charming goodness, loved much more for his truthfulness? He clearly is a man who throughout recognised his heartfelt regret at the violence which took place, and is greatly loved for his achievements.

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