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Miley Cyrus’ SNL Debut

Miley Cyrus SNLSaturday 5 March was Miley Cyrus’ SNL first night as hostess on the show, and she has really sparked off a lot of interest and comment by delivering a memorable monologue which will serve as a humorous defence of her reputation. She even impersonated Justin Bieber in part of it, with other sketches being about about actor Charlie Sheen, and golfer Tiger Woods.

Viewers will be wanting much more of this gutsy host!

Miley Cyrus’s publicist may have been heavily involved in the subject matter, but it is very cool how the directors at Saturday Night Live (SNL) gave Miley a chance to show that she can poke fun, despite all the media fuss about some of the more controversial events.

There have, of course, been incidents but they have been reported about her as if they were major transgressions. Such reporting must be very tedious for the star, but she has shown that she still has a great sense of humor about it all.

For one who is so young (18) she is clearly also able to laugh at herself, and she really has nothing to worry about when comparing herself to almost literally every other recent top star’s bad behaviour featured over the past months in the news media.

“Miley Cyrus’ SNL performance showed her as a suave Justin”

In Miley Cyrus’ SNL act she also made a remarkably smooth looking imitation of Justin Bieber. She made her comic points very well.  However, some commentators have said that they thought her “impromptu” performance was lacking in some ways. No matter, the public will have enjoyed it, and at a first show as presenter, a faultless performance would be unusual. She will no doubt grow into this role very quickly.

Miley Cyrus turned into an overnight sensation back in 2006 when she starred in Hannah Montana, a popular Disney Channel television series. That early success meant that when Cyrus launched her own recording career a number of years later, she was able to build upon her fan base.

Miley’s family has some knowledge of what it is to be suddenly famous. Miley’s father, is the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who is remembered for his 1992 hit 1992, “Achy Breaky Heart”.

Hopefully, she has now learnt that no matter where she is there will be people taking pictures. So getting out of a car has to be done in a ladylike manner at all times!

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