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Top 6 Must-Have Minecraft Birthday Decorations For The Ultimate Party Celebration

If you want to have the best Minecraft-themed birthday party ever, check out our list of the five best decorations!
A child in a Minecraft costume surrounded by themed decorations.
Oh! He wants a Minecraft themed party so badly!

Planning a Minecraft birthday party can be overwhelming. This game has taken the world by storm, making it a favorite theme for parties. Our guide lists the top 5 must-have decorations to turn your celebration into an unforgettable adventure.

Read on and get inspired!

Must-Have Minecraft Birthday Decorations

Quick Recommendation

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A child in a Minecraft costume surrounded by themed decorations.

Comparison Table

Product Name Price Manufacturer/Brand Material Occasion Special Features/Included Components
Creeper Face Balloons $5.85 Unique Plastic Minecraft themed party 8 balloons
Cake Toppers $5.99 Ediblektoppers Birthday
Pixel Mine Hanging Swirl Decorations $14.39 Aaon
25 Reusable Pixel Straws $16.95 Lidmada Plastic Reusable, 2 Cleaning Brushes
Inflatable Swords and Pixel Felt Masks $19.98 Ezala Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Birthday
Pixel Game Birthday Party Supplies $27.99 Decor Cart Paper Birthday Napkin, Plate, Cup

1. Creeper Face Balloons

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Best for Bringing Colorful Minecraft Fun to Your Party


  • Made by Unique, perfect for Minecraft themed parties.
  • Includes 8 multicolor balloons with a Creeper face design.
  • Balloons are big, measuring 12 inches each.
  • They're made of sturdy plastic material to last through the party.
  • First sold in January 2019 and have high ratings from customers.
  • Package is lightweight, making it easy to set up your decoration.

Creeper Face Balloons add an explosive touch to any Minecraft-themed party. With their vibrant, multicolor design, they catch the eye and bring the pixelated world of Minecraft into real life. Each pack comes with 8 high-quality, durable latex balloons – perfect for setting up a gamer's celebration. From centerpieces to wall decorations, these balloons are versatile enough to fit any decoration needs.

What sets these Creeper Face Balloons apart is not just their appeal to both young and older gamers but also their value pack bonanza. Getting eight in a pack means your party will be filled with colorful creepers without breaking the bank. Being easy to set up makes them a hassle-free choice for busy hosts wanting maximum fun with minimal effort.

We chose these as number 2 because they perfectly balance theme authenticity with practical use. While other decorations might be more intricate, the simplicity and joy that come from popping creeper balloons or seeing them brighten up a room is unmatched–making it indispensable for creating an epic gaming atmosphere at birthday celebrations.


  • Get more, spend less: 8 Creeper Face Balloons in every pack – big savings.
  • Decorate easy: Use them as centerpieces, on walls, or for party games. Fun for all.
  • Just once, but worth it: Made for a single-use… So enjoy the moment to the fullest!
  • Bright and durable: These colorful balloons catch everyone's eye… Built to last through your party.


  • Single use only, might be a let down for those wanting more bang for their buck.
  • Just 8 in a pack – could be too few if you're throwing a big bash.
  • Vibrant colors, yes – but they all scream Minecraft; not versatile beyond gamer parties.

The ideal person for Creeper Face Balloons loves Minecraft, enjoys colourful parties, and wants to make their celebration epic. If that's you… grab a pack now and let the fun begin!

Product Info

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2. Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers Minecraft birthday cake idea - create your own image design.
Minecraft birthday cake idea – create your own image design.

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Best for Making Your Minecraft Party Cake Stand Out


  • UPC: 696304448107
  • Comes in a pack of one.
  • Size is 11 inches wide and 8 inches high.
  • Made by Ediblektoppers, perfect for birthdays.
  • Not discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Weighs only 4 ounces.

Making your Minecraft-themed birthday bash stand out just got easier with these custom cake toppers. Picture this—your own design, any image or text you want, sitting atop the birthday cake, making it uniquely yours. The size is perfect at 1/4 8 x 11 inches. It's not too big or small but just right for most cakes.

Why does this product claim the No. 3 spot? Well, it hits the sweet spot between quality and personal touch. You can personalize it to fit exactly what you're looking for in a decoration piece—not something every cake topper offers. Plus, it's a breeze to order and use. Simply peel off the backing and place it on your cake; no mess, no fuss.

A friend used one for their child’s Minecraft party last month—it was a hit! Everyone loved seeing a familiar character personalized for them on the cake. Truly made the day more special and showed that extra step of effort in planning their decoration themes down to such detail.


  • Make your cake stand out, choose any image you like.
  • Perfect size – 1/4 sheet, 8 x 11 inches, fits birthday cakes easily.
  • Easy to use – place it right on top of your frosting or icing.
  • Unique and personal – perfect for birthdays, making the day extra special.


  • Size limit, 8 x 11 inches…might not fit big cakes.
  • Only for flat surfaces, not 3D shapes.
  • Have to order ahead, takes time to customize.

This cake topper is perfect for the ultimate Minecraft fan planning a birthday bash. Picture this: you’re creative, love personalized touches, and want your party to stand out. Add our custom cake image—1/4 8 x 11 inches of pure joy—to your top 5 must-have Minecraft decorations list. Make that cake unforgettable, and let's get this party started!

Product Info

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3. Pixel Mine Hanging Swirl Decorations – Pixel Mine Birthday Party Supplies Fan Decors

Pixel Mine Hanging Swirl Decorations

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Best for transforming birthdays into unforgettable pixel-themed adventures.


  • Made by Aaon.
  • Still being made, not stopped.
  • People really like it, with a high score of 4.7 out of 5 from 737 reviews.
  • Good for kids aged 3 and up.
  • Light to hold, only 6.4 ounces.
  • The pack size is small, measuring 7.3 x 6.8 x 1 inches.

Throwing a Minecraft themed party? Don't miss out on Pixel Mine Hanging Swirl Decorations. These decorations bring your favourite game to life, making any birthday bash unforgettable. With 30 pieces in a pack, including swords, TNT, and more, they stretch up from the ceiling at an impressive length of 36-37 inches each. It's like walking into the pixelated world itself.

Made from high-quality materials, these swirls are not only eye-catching but durable too. Easy to hang, you can drape them anywhere – indoors or out – and they're ready to go for multiple uses. Imagine the excitement as guests walk into a room filled with floating Minecraft icons! Plus, their customer service promises prompt assistance, if there’s ever an issue.

These spiral decorations add that special touch to parties or even just gaming get-togethers with friends. From creating a stunning backdrop for photos to enhancing the festive atmosphere of your event, Pixel Mine Hanging Swirls make decoration easy and fun. Whether it’s part of your top picks for Minecraft party decor or just adding extra pizzazz around the house for fans of the game, they hit right on the mark for creating memories that last beyond game over screens.


  • Saves time, effort: Comes with everything—cards, swirls—ready to hang. No need for extra planning.
  • High quality, safe materials: Made of plastic foil, paper. Safe for everyone at your party.
  • Reusable: Durable enough. Use them again for another event or party.
  • Versatile use: Perfect for birthdays, outdoor events, even eating at home. Makes any occasion special.


  • Might not match all themes, limiting use…
  • Plastic loops can break, causing a hassle.
  • Some items may look different from pictures, disappointing.

Perfect for the ultimate game fan, this Pixel Mine Hanging Swirl Decorations set transforms any birthday into an epic adventure. Ideal for those who love to dive into the pixel world, it's a must-have among the Top 5 Must-Have Minecraft Birthday Decorations. So, grab yours now and turn your party into an unforgettable celebration!

Product Info

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4. 25 Reusable Pixel Straws for Miner Craft Party Supplies Favors, Pixel Spider Creepah Party Supplies Gift with 2 Cleaning Brushes

Reusable Pixel Straws for Miner Craft Party

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Eco-friendly, colorful straws perfect for Minecraft-themed kids' parties.


  • Comes with 25 colorful straws perfect for Miner Craft party themes.
  • Includes 2 cleaning brushes to easily reuse the straws.
  • Made by Lidmada, ensuring good quality.
  • Each straw is sized at 10.5 inches long, fitting most cups and bottles.
  • Features bright colors like red, sky blue, pink, yellow, and green.
  • Straws are made of plastic which can be used over and over.

These 25 reusable Pixel Straws turn any Miner Craft party into an epic celebration. Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, these straws are a win for the environment and your party vibe. Durable and safe, they won’t warp or melt, making them perfect for all kinds of drinks. Plus, cleaning them is a breeze with the two included brushes. Kids aged 3 to 10 will adore the bright colors and fun mining diamond axe designs that make their drinks pop.

Besides being super cute, these straws serve as fantastic favors at any pixel-themed birthday bash or baby shower. Their vibrant designs double as decoration, enhancing your theme without extra effort. Imagine the excitement when kids find these in their goodie bags—a surefire hit! So while planning your next big Miner Craft adventure, don't overlook these amazing straws; they're not just practical but also bring a burst of color and joy to every sip.


  • Safe for Earth, made without bad stuff. Won't bend or melt.
  • Just right size, cleans easy. Comes with 2 brushes.
  • Bright, fun look with cool axe design. Makes parties pop.
  • Get 25 straws, plus a bonus – kids to adults love them! Perfect for birthdays and more.


  • Might not fit all cups… too tall at 10.5 inches.
  • Cleaning might be a hassle, despite brushes… small diameter of straws makes it tricky.
  • Designs could come off… if not handled with care.

This product is perfect for eco-conscious parents planning a vibrant, fun-filled Minecraft-themed party for their kids – make your celebration stand out, add these straws to your decorations list now!

Product Info

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5. Inflatable Swords Weapon and Pixel Felt Masks for Kids Party Favors Themed Party Supplies Inflatable Toy and Kid Cosplay Mask

Inflatable Swords Weapon and Pixel Felt Masks for Kids Party Favors

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Best for epic play at Minecraft-themed kids' parties.


  • Made of strong Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), ensuring the toys last long.
  • Includes both inflatable swords and pixel felt masks, perfect for kids' party fun.
  • Sized right at 12 x 8 x 2 inches; fits well in children's hands.
  • Designed with a cool cartoon theme that kids love.
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and older, making it safe for little ones to play with.
  • Great for birthday occasions, adding excitement to any themed party.

Kids love dressing up and diving into the worlds of their favourite video games. The inflatable sword weapon and pixel felt masks set hits the mark for any child dreaming of a Minecraft-themed birthday bash. With 25 pieces, including 12 vibrant inflatable swords in blue and yellow plaid and 12 unique miner pixel masks, this set turns ordinary parties into adventures. Plus, an inflator and repair patches are included—no need to worry about setup or accidents.

Crafted from durable PVC and soft felt, these toys can stand up to energetic play without risking safety. They're perfect for pool parties, Halloween, or just an afternoon of imaginative fun. And with sizes that fit all ages from three to twelve years (even adults!), no one's left out of the action. Imagine the joy when kids get to wield their own sword or wear a mask that transforms them into a game character they adore—it's pure magic at a party setting! This pack not only adds life to your event but also ensures every guest has a memorable piece to take home.


  • Wide use… Perfect for Halloween, birthdays, and more. Kids love them!
  • Ready for action… Comes with 12 swords, 12 masks, an inflator, and repair patches.
  • Strong stuff… Swords are waterproof PVC; masks are soft felt. Lasts through lots of play.
  • Sparks imagination… Lets kids become their favorite characters safely.


  • Masks might be tight for some kids, making them uncomfortable…
  • Inflatable swords can pop if played with too roughly – keep that repair patch handy!
  • Not all themes fit… Might limit party themes to mostly pixel or sword – related ones.

This product is perfect for creative kids who love Minecraft and playing dress-up, making it a must-have for the ultimate Minecraft-themed birthday bash. So, grab this set and watch your little ones become their favourite characters!

Product Info

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Ezala-Inflatable-Supplies-Birthday-Accessories/dp/B0CG2ZPM6M?tag=thedogloversc-20

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6. Pixel Game Birthday Party Supplies – 80 PCs – Pixel Game Tableware Decorations Includes Plates, Cups and Napkins for 20 Guests

Minecraft birthday themed paper cups, plates and napkins
Minecraft birthday themed paper cups, plates and napkins

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Perfect for gamers wanting easy, themed party setup.


  • Includes 80 pieces for a complete party set: plates, cups, and napkins.
  • Designed with a cool pixel video game theme perfect for gamers.
  • Each piece is made from paper which is great for easy clean – up.
  • Bright green color adds a fun pop to any birthday table.
  • Suitable for guests aged 1 year to 18 years old.
  • Made in the USA ensuring quality and reliability.

Throwing a birthday bash for a gaming fan? The Pixel Game Birthday Party Supplies set is your go-to. This 80-piece kit includes everything you need for 20 guests—plates, cups, napkins all decked out in vibrant pixel game designs that are sure to thrill any video game enthusiast. It captures the essence of popular games with its dynamic design, turning the party scene into a lively gaming atmosphere.

What's great about these party supplies is their quality and convenience. Made from sturdy material, they are durable and non-toxic, ensuring kids' safety during use. Plus, being disposable means easy cleanup after the party—more time to spend with family and friends without worrying about dishes or spills.

This set not only serves up snacks and drinks but also brings the pixel game world alive right on your table, making it among those must-have decorations for crafting an unforgettable Minecraft-themed celebration.


  • Easy Returns, Quick Support: Not happy? Email us, get a refund or replacement. No hassle.
  • Save Time: No cleaning mess after parties – these are throw-away.
  • Cool Design: Looks just like popular pixel games – kids and adults love it.
  • High Quality: Strong, safe materials. Won't let you down.


  • Limited theme, mainly suits video game fans – not for everyone.
  • Disposable nature, could raise environmental concerns.
  • Set caters to only 20 guests – might need multiple sets for bigger parties.

The ideal customer for the Pixel Game Birthday Party Supplies, a must-have for the top 5 Minecraft party decorations, is someone who loves video games and wants to throw an unforgettable bash.

They're looking for quality, convenience, and that special touch to bring their game-themed celebration to life. So, if gaming is your passion and you're ready to level up your party game—this set's got you covered. Now, go plan that epic party!

Product Info

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Setting up the Ultimate Minecraft Party

To set up the ultimate Minecraft party, mix banners, balloons with creeper faces, and more for a fun vibe. Make sure to read on for all you need to know.

YouTube player

Creating a Themed Backdrop

Craft a Minecraft world on your wall. Use green and brown paper to mirror the game's grass and dirt blocks. Adding images of creepers, endermen, and other characters brings the game to life.

For a special touch, create pixel art with colored squares – like those in Minecraft – from card stock or purchase pre-made ones online.

Place props around the backdrop for depth. Think toy pickaxes or character figures. Hang pixelated swords overhead, blending with inflatable swords for guests to grab and play with.

This setup makes every photo taken at your party feel like it’s inside the Minecraft universe itself. With these decorations, you transform a simple space into an immersive experience that mirrors stepping right into the game screen.

Incorporating Characters and Elements

Bring Minecraft to life by adding characters and elements that every fan loves. Place Enderman, Creeper, and Pixel Spider masks around the venue. They make the party look more fun and let kids play as their favourite characters.

Use inflatable swords for safe battles among friends. This adds excitement and keeps everyone active.

Next, set up a photo spot with these characters as backdrops. Kids enjoy taking pictures with iconic figures from the game. Add props like pixelated ores and blocks to make it feel real.

These items turn your party into a Minecraft world where guests can explore and imagine.

Now, get ready to decorate with props and accessories!

A child in a Minecraft costume surrounded by themed decorations.
Aren't you a little too young to be a Minecraft Fan?

Decorating with Props and Accessories

After adding characters and elements for a touch, using props and accessories takes the party to another level. Props like inflatable swords offer endless fun, allowing kids to pretend they're in the game.

Accessories such as pixel felt masks transform guests into their favorite Minecraft characters instantly.

For table settings that wow, include 25 reusable pixel straws and ensure every drink matches the theme. They come with 2 cleaning brushes, making them easy to clean after the party ends.

This attention to detail makes your Minecraft celebration memorable and brings an authentic gaming atmosphere right into your home. With these additions, each guest gets immersed in a world of adventure from start to finish.


Children enjoying a Minecraft-themed party are about to open their presents: Guess what?
Children enjoying a Minecraft-themed party are about to open their presents: Guess what's inside?


Throwing a Minecraft party? Make sure to grab the themed party banner by Kreatwow. Its variety pack shapes make decorations fun. Plus, it's easy to hang. Don't forget about Unique's Creeper face balloons.

These add an epic touch with their big size and sturdy design. Both items are must-haves for any Minecraft birthday bash. They ensure your celebration stands out, creating lasting memories for all your guests.


1. Where can I find Minecraft-themed party supplies?

Look for stores that offer a wide range of party supplies, including gift cards and promo codes. Check out their selection for notebooks and wrapping paper with Minecraft designs.

2. How do I choose the best image file format for my Minecraft birthday decorations?

PNG or WEBP formats work great—they keep your images clear and colourful on everything from invitations to menu cards.

3. Are there any hidden fees when buying Minecraft birthday decorations online?

Always check the pricing details at checkout. Some sites may add extra fees, but they'll let you know before you pay.

4. Can I use coupons or coupon codes to save money on Minecraft party supplies?

Yes! Many stores accept coupons or coupon codes—enter your email address on their site to get these deals sent right to you.

5. What are some must-have items for a successful Minecraft birthday celebration?

Essentials include themed notebooks, wrapping paper for gift-giving, and unique menu designs—all making sure your party stands out.

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