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Mobile Apps Use Rising Fast And Marketers Should Be Looking To take Advantage

With the most up to date comScore information showing that 234 million USA citizens are now users of mobile devices, advertising promoters need to take care to stay abreast of the most recent selling trends to reach busy clients on the move.

A new report from Distimo implies that brands should consider mobile application advertising, as mobile apps income is on the increase. Distimo’s report shows that application stores grew generally in 2010, with the Apple App Store, Nokia Ovi Store, Google Android Market and BlackBerry App World each demonstrating gains.

Especially prominent is the Google Android Market’s six-fold expansion to virtually 130,000 available applications. The growing app store for Google fits the general expansion of Android, which Brafton has reported now boasts the highest adoption rate.

Mobile apps are especially helpful for connecting people to place-based information, for example, to get maps or directions, find nearby points of interest, or look up information about their current location. As of February, 2010, 45 million smartphones were in use in the U.S., and the average user downloaded about 8 apps per month .

Mobile apps are not new to skiers as many resorts and ski and snowboard brands have implemented such applications.

Such mobile apps are just the latest example of the consumerisation of IT and where consumer tech breaks through into the world of corporate IT.

Mobile apps are the perfect vehicle for creating interactive experiences with consumers that really add benefits to their phone use. Mobile apps are for example, more and more frequently used for verifying and comparing prices offered by businesses and price comparison apps have done well. Such use decreases the number of impulse purchases as customers have access to more information on the products.

“Mobile App Use Rising and should not be ignored”

Apple held the earl lead in establishing monopolistic domination of the smartphone market, initially relieving developers of the need to consider other platforms.

However, with Google now providing an alternative operating system for such phones, current research indicates that Apple won’t ultimately succeed in banishing smartphone competition which may eventually usurp their lead.

Disadvantages of mobile apps for marketers are the complex updates, which need additional installation and what can become difficult distribution, due to poor discoverability.

However, as in the past their systems are the simplest for developers to access due to the Apple ability to fully control and integrate their own platform. It may yet be that Apple gains many more users from sales of new iPhone models and possibly from their new tablet , faster than predicted and if so, Apple could get an even larger share of the mobile app market. We will have to wait and see.

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