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New 2012 Bond Movie – Daniel Craig to be 007 Again

2012 Bond MovieReports just out suggest that Daniel Craig has been signed again for the next adventure for the perennially popular spy series.

It will be the third time as for Daniel as the British spy James Bond and will bring to count to 23 for the popular franchise.
A date for the release of the film has been set in reports as being for release on 9 November of next year.

Craig, 42, first picked-up the iconic role with Casino Royale in 2006, and then also acted on the next one, Quantum of Solace.

The story line will we expect be developed to play to Craig’s strengths, which are many. More amazing gadgets are sure to come, come and relationships this actor has already marked his stamp upon will no doubt be further developed this time around. Craig is the only Bond that has acted to the novel, since Connery.

Craig, is the actor for this iconic role. His fans point put that he has been superb in a wide range of roles, with important and leading roles in pictures as varied as “The Mother,” “Munich” and “Sylvia.”

He plays the bond stereotype, the classic manly hero with sensitivities which run deep and flaw to his nature. There’s no restraining the long lived popularity of his character.

Those that know about Ian Fleming say that during his life he could have been the original James Bond, or he may have been spicing up the activities of his colleagues of that time within British Naval Intelligence. Fleming created 007 and because he found the character to so good he included it in his first James Bond novel “Casino Royale”.

Bond sets himself apart in so many ways, but quintessentially his character reflects his English gentleman’s tastes, in his choice of a medium-dry vodka martini: 4 parts of vodka and 1 part vermouth.

To Ian Fleming, himself an old Etonian, created the hero of his books to reflect the tastes and aspirations of the day, of which is choice of drink was matched in the successfulness (against all odds), of Bond. He’s someone capable of killing with ruthlessness and throwing away gorgeous women without the least remorse.

Even so, for people in general, the James Bond actor to whom they continue to return to has always been the charming Sean Connery. He took the role between1962 and 1971, and came back to the role for his final adrenalin packed movie in 1983. It was called “Never Say Never Again” which as a title gave it a certain amount of relevance to his late return for that last movie.

James Bond is a character from several novels by Ian Fleming, the first being Casino Royale published in 1953. Fleming published 14 novels featuring the British spy, known as 007 (Double O 7). He held a “license to kill” for anyone who might seek to defeat the British government through underhand moves.

The followers of bond James Bond are also usually fairly crazy about gadgets.

James Bond is the perfect Hollywood invention, the embodiment of what women fantasize to be the ideal man, and men fantasize as being their true themselves. James Bond is Fleming’s making real of an individual pursuing individual achievement, while also being a larger than life character, and capable through his wit of evading trouble with great skill.

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