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Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter For Human Consumption

Pony massacre plants are legal again in the U. S. . Limitations on pony protein processing for human consumption have been lifted.

In a bipartisan effort, the House of Delegates and the U. S. Senate approved the Meeting Panel report on spending bill H2112, which among other stuff, funds the United States Office of Farming. On Nov eighteenth, as the country was celebrating Thanksgiving, President Obama agreed a law, permitting US citizens to kill and eat horses. Essentially, one turkey was pardoned in the presence of worldwide media while in the shadows, buried under pages of economic regulation, millions of horses were sentenced to be executed.

Pony slaughter has been prohibited in the U. S. as funds for inspections of horses in transit and at slaughter houses was non-existent. This worked because the pony protein cannot be sold for human consumption without such inspections. The House version of the bill retained the de-funding language and the Senate version didn’t. The conference panel charged with reconciling the two opted to not include it. The result’s that it’s now legal to slaughter horses for humans to eat.

Notwithstanding that seventy pc of Americans oppose pony massacre, that President Obama made a campaign promise to permanently ban pony massacre and exports of horses for human consumption ( horses can be sent to Mexico and Canada ), that documentation of animal cruelty, slaughterhouse stench, fluid runoff and negative community impact exists, it is taxpayers which will bear the costs!

Wyoming state representative Sue Wallis and her pro-slaughter group estimate that between 120,000 and 200,000 horses will be snuffed out for human consumption every year and that Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Georgia and Missouri, are considering opening massacre plants.

During these trying times, is the single thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that Americans need to eat horses? Click here : political correctness and for more information.


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