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Oprah Announces Her List Of Favorite Things 2010

oprah list - a cruise was in her gifts!Oprah has announced her favorite things for 2010. Each year, Oprah surprises her audience with her Favorite Things episode. She has just announced her Christmas 2010 list and the crowd at her show (understandably) went wild. This year was no exception to her giving free gifts out to her show audience. Oprah never announces exactly which show will be the one at which she announces and makes her give-away show.

Some of the best gifts ever to appear on Oprah’s Favorite Things are included this year, the pundits are saying! The exact prizes remain a surprise until they’re delivered to the winner’s door. However, Oprah’s Favorite Things this year include a 7-day cruise, and a 3D Sony TV.

Those people in the audience are so lucky to be there for that, although they don’t know when they get the tickets that free gifts will be given away on that show. How freaking lucky they are! Some do say though that many in the audience get sick over wishing it could be them to get the gifts.

However, some viewers are saying that they don’t think she should do a show like that because all of those at home that support her every day also, don’t get anything.

Also, some of her fans are saying that they wish she would have people that really, really need things or donate all the gifts to charities. Oprah donates already, but some do so that these shows are excessive!

The audience is so over the top it’s ridiculous. Second, some people are saying that they don’t believe half these things are truly Oprah’s faves. They cannot imagine Oprah using a Kitchenaid Mixer, or any other of the numerous home appliance type things she has in her list. Fans are tending to think something ends up on her faves list only if the company agrees to donate the items to her entire audience.

Oprah fans have also said, recently, that it would be nice if Oprah did have an online giveaway where some of the viewers could win too.

Previous “favorite things” endorsed by Oprah include Spanx shapewear (2000) and Ugg shearling boots (2003). So many of her listed suppliers went on to become bestsellers and pop-culture phenomena, that either she does have the knack of finding existing winning companies, or maybe her marketing power was more to do with their successes. Oprah has even “saved” a few companies. Hear some give as an example, Lori Karmel’s “We Take The Cake”, mail-order cake company which was reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy before it was selected as an Oprah favorite. It has not looked back since and by 2009, the company was said to be doing more than $1 million in sales each year.

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