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Quidditch Leagues Real-Life for Muggles?

Quiddich League GameQuidditch is a game played by the characters in the Harry Potter books, nevertheless, it has gotten to be part of real life. More than 1,000 varsities worldwide are now thought to have Quidditch league playing groups, and with the 7th Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part one” which was released at the end of 2011, that number is still growing.

There is even speculation that the sport might be included in some form in the 2012 London Olympics.

Quidditch is a legit sport, fun both to observe and play. Both skeptics and significant fans of Harry Potter alike are certain to find something to enjoy in this fun game. It is part football, part basketball, part dodgeball, and not all fantasy any more!

It is emerging with its own ruling body, as a semi-contact sport played on make-believe brushes, naturally in which a player from each team looks to gain a hold on the Golden Snitch, leading to a gain of anything between 30 and 150 points according to which rules you use. When the Snitch is caught, the game ends.

Our first reaction was to giggle at how silly it sounded, but after we got past that, we actually wanted to run out on the field and take part! So many colleges have shown how it can be done that even sceptics, like our reporter, can be persuaded to turn up given photographs, media clippings, and videos to show how successful Quidditch has been at other universities.

Quidditch has been described as an attempt to reclaim fun in sport. In the current era of big money professional sport, it has an air of playfulness and light heartedness that used to go with sports.

So what is the game all about? To start with rings (hoops) are the goals of this game. The chasers must attempt to throw the quaffle thru the opposing team’s hoops to score points for their team. There are seven in a teasm and the 7th and last member of the team is the Searcher who is tasked with capturing the Snitch. While in the Harry Potter books the snitch is a magic flying ball, in the Muggle version of Quidditch, the snitch is a neutral player running around avoiding capture, usually with the Snitch on a piece of string on the persons back. One of those players adopts the role of the “Golden Snitch” featured in Harry Potter’s pages.

In the book, the snitch is a little, gold-colored ball with wings. Players have to hold a brush (often a plastic tube) between their legs at every point, the “Quaffles” and “Bludgers” are just regular volleyballs or dodgeballs and the flag is attached to the “Snitch,” who is wearing yellow.

In the books, the players fly on their brooms. In Muggle reality, they use plastic pipes held between their legs, with one hand. The other hand is employed for throwing, catching and jostling.

The end of the game can become quite theatrical with cheering combined with the victory celebrations of exuberant players doing handstands and flip-overs with their “brooms”, this game reportedly does an excellent job of providing the participants with exercise, and the watchers on the boundary with an exciting, and entertaining diversion from ordinary life.

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