St Patricks Day: Stories and Recipes from Ireland

'This book is a real gem. It provides a really unique insight into St Patricks Day from an Irish viewpoint' says Eileen Savos.'It has some terrific photos and super recipes. Even showing us ways to prepare tripe!'.

The Irish are infamous for storytelling and not surprisingly the book weaves together lots of stories and memories from growing up in Ireland. The book provides insights into how the Irish celebrate St Patricks Day in Ireland and point of views on how the Irish view the way St Patrick Day is celebrated overseas.

Key influences on Irish society including the shrine at Knock, Peig Sayers, Irish nuns and a controversial Irish language book Duil are all explored.

A terrific read for any individual who wishes to understand St Patricks Day and a must-read for any individual preparing a speech for St Patricks day. A little nostalgia for the Irish diaspora on this big day.

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Le gach dhea ghui!

Ever wonder how St Patrick's Day is celebrated in Ireland? Ever wonder about the St Patrick's Day parade? Exactly what do we eat and drink on St Patrick's Day? Do you know who Peig Sayers was?
This book is a collection of St Patrick's day stories and dishes from my youth growing up in Waterford then throughout my corporate career overseas and now that I have actually returned home to Ireland.
This book will be of interest to those who did not grow up in Ireland and either funny for those people who did!
This book is definitely best enjoyed with a pint of Guinness in one hand and a piece of soda bread in the other! Slainte!

Learn about this book at Patricks Day/

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