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Please find below brief profiles of the key writers within IPPTS Associates writing for the World Posts Plus News Srevice.

You can contact each of them at the email addresses which follow their names.

Steve Symes (Email: )

Steve Symes is a self employed financial advisor. He provides articles when he has time, in between other commitments, he also writes for a major paper when they need a financial piece in his specialisms.

Steve Evans (Email: )

Steve is an experienced press writer since enjoying many years both in theatrical circles and in the entertainment industry generally.

Robert Crombie (Email: )

Having studied health at university, Robert uses this knowledge skillfully to research the subject of health and well being.

Alfred Branson (Email: )

Alfie is a sports crazy guy. Although he doesn't have any formal journalist training, he is fast becoming a well known name. He tends to contribute articles in the education and marketing area having started his career as a teacher.

Elliot James (Email: )

Elliot is a is an “early adopter” who just cannot resist getting his hands on almost any piece of communications technology. He started with us without any formal reporter coaching, he is quickly turning into a well known name. His ability to gather newsworthy intelligence quickly on almost any technology issue or advancement, and produce a good story, is impressive.

Alexandra Hemming (Email: )

Alex is simultaneously able to juggle the work of an experienced journalist with motherhood. If pressed to name her favourite passtime she would say that she enjoys her reading, writing and hiking most.

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