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Superbowl And Politics From Clint Eastwood Advertisement

Does Hollywood and politics mix? Are the thoughts of the stars in Hollywood important to us? If you answer this question based on the response to Clint Eastwood’s commercial during the Superbowl then the answer would be yes.

Many people suggested that the Clint Eastwood commercial was in support of Obama. How so? The concept of half time implies that we are between terms with Obama’s 2nd term coming in the eyes of many. They conclude that half time between terms means that Obama can prepare for an 8 year office rather than just 4.

I personally believe something much different can be seen from within this commercial that Clint Eastwood released. A game is usually comprised of two teams battling each other to see who wins. Possibilities for the win are presented to both teams.

When half time comes each team has the chance to refresh themselves with one team being behind and the other ahead in most cases. Therefore, the half time in America comment could apply equally well to the Republican party as well as the Democratic. Given that Clint Eastwood himself stated that this was not intended as a comment in support of Obama I would suggest that the entire commercial is not as political as people are making it out to be.

You can view the Clint Eastwood commercial for yourself by visiting my blog post. Review several details about the Clint Eastwood’s political stance as well as seeing the Superbowl Client Eastwood commercial for yourself.

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