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As A Marketing Slogan, Your Croatian National Tourist Board Warrants Full Credit For An Superb Job In Resurrecting The Country’s Important Tourist Industry After The Damaging War In Former Yugoslavia.

As a former Croatian tourism minister is fired by Dubrovnik’s gran for comments about the drunk antics of Australian along with New Zealand tourists, the debate concerning the type of tourism Croatia is looking to attract continues. Croatia. The med as it Once Was. As a advertising and marketing slogan, the Croatian National Visitor Board […]

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Through A Special Action About 9th 12, Croatia Airlines Allows You To Buy Return Ticket For Routes To European Destinations From Promotional Prices.

Croatia Airlines offers flight tickets to European destinations in promotional prices Through a specific action on 9th along with 10th December, Croatia Airways allows you to buy return ticket for flights to European destinations at promotional prices. Return air tickets pertaining to flights from Croatia for you to Europe can be purchased for as little […]

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After Another Successful Tourism Season In Croatia, The National Traveller Board Has Sprung Kind Of A Surprise With The Releasing Of Its 2012 Promotional Video.

From ‘The Mediterranean as it Was ‘ to ‘The New Tourism Star of the EU Union ‘, the Croatian Tourist Board’s new promotional video shows a marked change in approach and focus for 2012. After another successful tourism season in Croatia, the nation’s visitor board has sprung something of a surprise with the release of […]

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