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The 1st Global Travel And Destination Expo Has Opened At The Split Hotel Le Meridien Lav.

The first World Travel and Destination Expo has opened at Split hotel Le Meridien Lav.

The town Split can be reached by The Adriatic Coast Road, winding by the sea or by hinterland roads attached to Split. It’ll take you four hours to get to Zagreb, three hours to get to Dubrovnik and thirty mins to get to Makarska in your vehicle. You may also reach Split if you get on a coast ferry liner from Rijeka or Dubrovnik, from all central Dalmatian islands. There are excellent fast and regular ferry lines from Pescara and Ancona, Italy.

From the Airport Split flights connect the town with Zagreb 1 or 2 times each day, as well as with Western european capitals. There also are trains from Split to the north of the country and further on to Europe. You can transport your auto by train, too. You’ll find the exactly site of : airport Split, bus station, train station, Split Port Authority and plenty of important locations in Split on Split Map.
The Expo will focus on the influence of social networks on tourism.

ITDE Director Josko Nikolic said that most people are still not conscious of how important a role networks like Facebook and Twitter play in travel and the selection of destinations. The Expo will present some twenty professionals from all over the world, who will talk about these topics.

The Expo will also touch upon the connection between mobile technology and travel, promoting and branding for traveller agencies and European funds for projects, Nikolic announced.

Nikolic asserts that many of the Expo’s topics would be helpful for domestic travel employees.

“For example, Tripadvisor is especially crucial for hotel owners, as the hotel ratings on that page play a very important part in the selection of accommodation,” Nikolic announced.

The partner nations of the first ITDE are India and the Czech Republic, both of which will present their visitor offers. India is a holiday maker market in the making, while the Czech Republic is a vital source of visitors for Croatia as many Czech visitors spend their summer holidays at the Adriatic as reported

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