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The Genuine Titans Of The Olympics? The Folks In The Background.

Who do we judge the real heroes of our London 2012 Olympics? Victoria Pendleton, Chris Hoy, Usain Bolt, David Weir? There were so many superb feats of brilliance that it seems ridiculous to try and count them.

So instead maybe we should turn the spotlight away from the athletes and give the crown to Lord Coe and his squad. Sit and think for a moment just what it must be like to plan such an immense event from the very start. The budget, funding and auditing; the layout, construction or adaptation of many venues; the bidding, tendering and contracting; the transport, planning and protection; the legacy, the neighbourhood engagement, the Public relations, the catering, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We can say with a fair level of confidence that, given each Olympics is bigger and better than the last one, this was the biggest event ever staged anywhere.

If the idea of this sort of multi-strand, multi-perspective painstaking project-working is your idea of a nightmare then a career in Events Management is probably not for you. If difficult and intricate organisational and logistical problems capture your imagination however, and you like to see entire jobs through from beginning to end, then going into this growing business field could be well worth investigating. It is often said that some people have a ‘talent for organising’ and certainly some people do seem to have the intellectual and emotional make-up to cope with these sorts of tasks. But even if you’ve never felt this definition to refer to you, the opportunities available in the growing leisure and hospitality sector, with venues and events becoming ever-larger, are a shrewd place to nurture professional ambitions. In the real professional world, achievement will probably depend less on ‘talent’ than on truly knowing how the industry works, and how all the pieces slot together to form a complete working picture.

The increasing significance of the sector is now recognized by Edexcel, the global front runners in business education, with courses in events management that provide a complete and up-to-date picture of the sector and offer the skills and knowledge necessary to prosper within it. The courses, studied using an online learning environment (OLE) called Moodle which provides them with constant assistance and guidance from professional tutors, allows students to examine the sector in the round and gain the planning tools and knowledge to enable them to advance their careers. Distinct levels of courses (which may all be ‘topped-up’ to higher levels) give students the chance to study financial planning and analysis, tendering and implementation, project leading in general, HR theory and implementation, the service industry in its entirety, and a discrete module on venue management.

You’re unlikely to be asked to organize the Olympics but you could be soon on your way to a flourishing career in an expanding market. For more information on Edexcel Events Management courses, visit the BrightonSBM website.

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