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The Greatest Olympic Champions? The Blokes Who Staged The Spectacle.

Who do we judge the real heroes of our London 2012 Olympics? Victoria Pendleton, Chris Hoy, Usain Bolt, David Weir? Amidst the many individual feats of speed, power, courage and stamina, it seems almost absurd to try and choose.

So perhaps we should say that the biggest heroes of the Olympic experience were Sebastian Coe and Organising Committee. Could we even envision what it really feels like to sit down and plan from nothing such a huge venture? The incredible amount of financial planning and budgetary considerations involved; designing and constructing the venues; the tendering process; working with contractors; the management of volunteers, athletes, spectators and media; guaranteeing a national and community legacy … and so it goes on. We can easily say with a reasonable level of confidence that, given each Olympics is bigger and better than the previous, this was the biggest event ever staged anywhere.

There may be a lot of us who, aware of our limitations when it comes to planning and organising, would view Lord Coe’s job as the absolute epitome of Hell; if that is so then a career in Events Management is doubtless the wrong choice. If difficult and complicated organisational and logistical challenges capture your imagination however, and you like to see entire jobs through from start to finish, then going into this growing business field may be well worth looking into. It is often said that some people have a ‘talent for organising’ and certainly some people do seem to have the intellectual and emotional make-up to cope with these sorts of tasks. But with the leisure and hospitality sector predicted to play an ever more important role in post-industrial economies, you don’t have to feel the definition refers to you to consider this professional field to be one that is worth investigating. In a professional environment, success is likely to depend less on talent than it is on learning how exactly the events management industry works, and how all the different elements come together to create a successfully planned and executed professional job of work.

Edexcel, worldwide leaders in business instruction, have now acknowledged the size and importance of the sector with courses in events management that provide an extensive and current picture of the sector and offer the skills and understanding necessary to succeed within it. Studied using an online learning environment which allows constant feedback and guidance from tutors, the courses give you a comprehensive breakdown of the tactical and functional factors that influence events planning. A range of courses, which may all be used to gain exemptions on more advanced courses, contain modules which address financial planning and analysis, tendering and implementation, project management, latest Human resources tools and theories, the particular working practices of the service industries along with the management of venues.

The prospect of planning an Olympics will never come again (thank heavens) but the opportunity to gain the practical tools and understanding for a satisfying career is awaiting you. To find out more or to sign up to an accredited course in Events Management, click here.

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