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Titanic 100th Anniversary 2012 Coincides With Olympics

As the 100th Anniversary of Titanic approaches, and coincidentally, the London 2012 Olympics, Titanic Heritage Trust are pleased to announce the commissioning of their exclusive medallion collection, to mark this historic event.

This unique and impressive medallion collection will be made available in five metals: Gold, Gold Plated, Silver, Silver Plated and Bronze.

The Gold Plated Medallion will be 24 carat gold plated bronze.

The Silver Plated Medallion will be bronze with fine silver plating.

Limited Edition: only 2012 each available worldwide.

The Medallions are also available in an exclusive presentation box of three, Gold Plated, Silver Plated and Bronze.

Each Box Set is numbered and will be a limited edition of 100 worldwide.

The Gold Medallion will be struck in 24 carat gold (99.9 Au) with a mass of 110g (just short of four ounces) thus making it a very worthwhile investment.

Quality: Proof.

The Silver Medallion will be fine silver (99.9 Ag) with a mass of 60g.

Limited Edition: only 100 each available worldwide.

Not only are these medallions aesthetically pleasing to look at, each purchase will support a very worthy cause. …

About Harmony Promotions: We are dedicated to historic commemoration events and to producing high quality limited edition gold and silver coins and medallions to mark such events of distinction.

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