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What Can You Say About Lenten Season?

Lent is actually a season of repentance and soul-searching. For Christian followers, this season is the best time for them to reflect on their lives. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of this season. This represents the beginning of lent. It’s actually a season of penance, fasting and reflection, which prepares all of us for Christ resurrection on Eastern Sunday. On this day, Christians head to church. The priest will put a symbol on our foreheads using the ashes. The blessed palms from last year’s Palm Sunday are gathered to be use as ashes. The symbolization of ashes is the fact, people are created by dust and to dust we shall return. It could be a great concept when we will live our life with God inspite of the contemporary world we’ve got these days. Therefore, we observe and participate over the activities in the church. It would be great as we also are aware of the reason we commemorate the lenten season.

After the Ash Wednesday, we commemorate Palm Sunday. It is also known as Sunday of Passion. With the Holy Water, the priest blessed the palms brought by the Christian followers. This palm symbolizes that we all are welcoming God. Perhaps, many of us wonder how this religious activity originated. It actually first originated from Jerusalem Church. Before, the ceremony contains prayers, hymns and sermons. Christians observe Palm Sunday to commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ for the Passover celebration.

The most profound and complex of all religious observances could be the Maundy Thursday or often known as the Holy Thursday. This very day symbolizes the Holy Communion that has been instituted at the Last Supper. Christian followers commemorate the crucifixion of Christ through Good Friday.

Over the past years, Lenten season is one of the most crucial seasons that Christians observe. It is a wonderful time for people to repent and reflect on our lives. It will be a perfect time for people to ask for forgiveness for all the sins we’ve carried out in the world. Having said that, do you notice several Christians in these days? A few do not actually value the true meaning and significance of this season. Many are simply just delighted when Holy week is fast approaching simply because they only want to go on vacation. Most families travel to other areas to possess a more comforting vacation. However, there’s also many people who still continue to cherish the importance of the season of lent. They indulge themselves in walking through the stations of the cross to symbolize their sacrifice. Visit this urland read a little more about this central component of Holy week. This season of Lent is a good period to reflect, meditate and repent; similar to the other meditation CD that some organization has to offer to everyone.

It’s still best if we engage on the activities as Christians as well as a child of God even though the planet is starting to become modernized nowadays. We should offer everything to God. Christians should realize how God sacrifice his own child just to save the sins of the world. Make a change in this world; reflect on that.

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