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WikiLeaks and Stories and Julian Assange’s Arrest Become a Global News Phenomenon

Leaky - fast drippingHas there ever been a story quite like this… WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested in London this week on an international warrant to face sex crime allegations in Sweden, and so the almost constant stream of News  emanating from that source continues.

Assange is now expected to face a hasty extradition process likely to return him to Sweden, although other Interpol nations are also after him. However, he told a London court today that he will fight his extradition to Sweden on sex crime charges. The court refused him bail, so he will be remanded in custody until 14 December.

However, with arrest likely last week, the activities of this alternative news movement appeared to be more  than ever, and not content with that Julian Assange’s collaborators launched a barrage of cyber attacks last week which for a time shut down the web sites of Visa and Mastercard, and to an extent hampered ordering at Amazon.

So, we will be hearing a lot more from this source for some time to come, whatever legal action Assange is placed under. So, just what is going on? WikiLeaks has spoken of a new type of journalism which it calls scientific journalism. They have explained that they work with other media publicity providers to bring people the news, while also defending it’s truth.

Wikileaks’, which has been around for about three years may yet grow further before reaching its height which may not be experienced for some years to come. Nevertheless, whether the disclosures in the end prove to have either a net positive or negative effect, there appears to be no way to stop the movement’s, experiments in transparency.

At its core, Wikileaks is challenging those in the United States, and in other nations too, to come to terms with the theory of the freedom of the press in contrast to the reality of the freedom of the press and the assumptions of most that the established press is truly free.

Whether WikiLeaks’ commitment to what has been coined by some as “extreme transparency” also has the effect  that it won’t turn away documents that have questionable news content, nor which might not align with established  norms of behavior. It’s posted a wide range of documents from Sarah Palin’s conversations to very dry content on matters that the general public would scarcely understand on reading, in any event.

Among all this activity and, to some surprisingly, considering recent developments, we are told that WikiLeaks’ finances remain healthy. This is despite the decision by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal to stop accepting donations.

Within the US the news has led some to believe that, although the vast majority of the American people want to do good, somehow, whenever the government authorize measures to do that good, it only leads to bad feeling and debt for the party that promotes the Project and Output from that, assumed, profit.

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