Temporary airbrush tattoos how long do they last?

Airbrush Tattoo – How Long Does it Last?

Airbrush tattoos can last from seven to fourteen days when applied correctly. They will be there for far longer than your other traditional types of temporary tattoos. Applying them can take no more than a few minutes for a skilled operator, using customized stencils made for you. That way you can have a completely unique temporary tattoo. They are waterproof but easily removed with baby oil.

Watch our video below, for a quick introduction to Airbrush Tattoos:

Temporary airbrush tattoos how long do they last?

For those that want to know about their airbrush tattoo and ask “how long does it last”? We have full care recommendations for temporary airbrush art tattoos.

When doing airbrush art tattoos there are some things that need to be done to make sure that the airbrush tattoo ink stays with the skin and does not fade rapidly.

They do not last very long but have none of the problems of local traditional tattoos near me.

Preparation is Important to Ensure that an Airbrush Tattoo will Last as Long as Possible

When the preparation work is done right and the consumer comprehends the care guidelines they can get lots of days of sensible-looking artwork on their bodies. With the time and expense of developing fantastic reasonable airbrush art tattoos, one does not desire it to fade within a few days.

When doing airbrush art tattoos on to skin make sure you are using one of the special brands of airbrush paint that has been developed for the skin.

Typically this will be offered as “airbrush body paint” or “airbrush temporary tattoo ink.

Any tattoo artist will rub alcohol on an individual's skin to clean off and eliminate bacteria prior to starting a tattoo.

In this case, for a temporary airbrush tattoo, you are still going to utilize the alcohol, however, for airbrush tattoos, it is used to get rid of the oil on the skin and not to sterilize a location for the using a needle.

The Airbrush Tattooing Session

Now that you are all set to start airbrushing the tattoo on, you need to take your time, while concentrating on exactly what you are doing. despite the fact that these tattoos are not permanent there are no spaces in the mind of the person receiving this tattoo for errors with airbrushing on an individual's skin.

After the airbrush art tattoo is totally dry then you should apply talcum powder.

How Long Does an Airbrush Tattoo Last? – The answer is “It Depends”!

First of all, when practising as an airbrush tattooist, you must inform your consumers who have oily skin that they must use talc powder themselves numerous times a day.

The reason for applying talcum powder is to assist get the most from their tattoo. that is the longest possible life and the most intense colours for as long as possible.

It does not matter though if they have oily or dry skin you need to use talc powder as soon as the airbrush art tattoo dries.

If their tattoo does not last for at least close to exactly what is anticipated, Airbrush tattoos are not worth paying good cash for, and consumers are not going to invest that cash.

Applying baby powder will absorb the oils and perspiration. Baby powder should be applied in the morning and before bed; it should also be applied before and after showering. The more powder applied the better! It also depends on where it is positioned on the body, if applied where clothing may rub on the tattoo this will limit the life span. via marialeemakeup

Come on Give Us More Information on How Long it Lasts Than That!

In theory, a good airbrushed tattoo should last for about 7 days on normal skin.

Unfortunately, the period that the tattoo will look nice will be much less for a person with oily skin. These people will only get around a couple of days from their tattoos.

An individual with dry skin will get more than 7 days on average from the tattoo. It does not matter though if they have dry or oily skin you should apply talc powder as soon as the airbrush art tattoo dries.

Notes for Airbrush Tattooists

Make sure that you take all the preparation and post actions to guarantee that they do get a fantastic looking tattoo, at a reasonable price. It is a great idea to produce a “Care Sheet” with all the main points we have made in this article included. Always give a copy of the Care Sheet to your consumers so that they will understand the essential ways to look after their brand-new airbrush art tattoo.

What People Are Saying About Airbrush Tattoos Around the Internet

Airbrush Tattoos at Parties

The tattoo artist was at a party I was attending last night. I've never had any tattoos, permanent or air-brushed, so it was fun to try something out. There were some pirate-themed choices, and being in a festive mood, I got a parrot in a pirate's cap. The artist knew what she was doing, and after a minute or two, I had a cute little body art parrot on my forearm, with attention to detail galore. Today it is still there and hasn't lost any paint. Book an Unreal Airbrush Tattoo for your next party! via www.yelp.com

The Name of the Special Ink is…  “Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Ink” What a Surprise…

We simply refer to it as “Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Ink” for entertainment purposes, but it is indeed an alcohol-based cosmetic. It is regulated by the FDA and is of cosmetic grade cosmetic materials. Alcohol-based makeup has been used for decades for special effects in movies for its durability, we are simply re-purposing it for its entertainment value! There are many companies that will use airbrush paint on the skin, but that paint is supposed to be used for textile purposes only! We keep Painted Phoenix Events want to stay above reproach and will only use products in a way they were intended! We will never use inexpensive airbrush textile (or acrylic) paint on the skin regardless of when the bottle only says NON-TOXIC. Just because it says NON-TOXIC DOES NOT mean it is okay to use on the skin!

Although alcohol-based makeup was originally used for special effects and was indeed applied to the face, we don’t typically recommend it for parties. Although alcohol-based makeup is safe for the face, we typically discourage it because it is a much more durable cosmetic and we prefer to avoid having parents who may not be at a party find their child later with a “tattoo” on their face and not be able to figure out how to get it off. via entertainmententerprises

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos Defined

CC BY by kaylasmart

Airbrush tattoos are temporary tattoos that are sprayed on using a system very similar to the one used for doing airbrush art. The airbrush itself is often smaller than the airbrush used for artistic purposes, and the person applying the tattoo will normally use a stencil to help create the design. The ink used is also different, as it must be hypo-allergenic and approved by the FDA.

Airbrush tattoos take only a few minutes to apply, and you can normally have customized stencils made for you, allowing you to have a completely unique temporary tattoo. They are waterproof but easily removed with baby oil. via Sillyfarm.com

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos Can be a Modern Twist on the Classic Face Painting Theme

CC BY by kaylasmart

These hypo-allergenic, washable tattoos are a favorite for any event! A modern twist on the classic face painting theme, these temporary “tattoos” wash off easily with soap and water. With more than 50 templates to choose from, these sparkling works of art come in just about every color combination!

Our professional airbrush artists use a specialized stenciling process which is far more hygienic than conventional face painting. There are no brushes used over and over again; professional, hypo-allergenic makeup is applied using an airbrush and can be applied to the face, arms, or legs. We use only professional cosmetic quality makeup which is rich in color, vibrant, and safe for everyday use. via bouncearoundjumpers

Airbrush Tattoo Stencils

Airbrush tattoo stencils make fantasy makeup looks come alive. The designs are temporary, reusable, and available in several different styles and sizes to fit any situation. Whether you want to dress up your fairy makeup looks with intricate flower designs, sport a butterfly, or go totally wild with an intricate goth look there’s something for you. Go ahead and enter the realm of wild makeup fun!

When you buy them you’ll notice that they are printed on flexible sheets of plastic and that plastic adheres to your skin perfectly. It works almost like the same stencil art that you can apply to a wall. In this case, it may be your arm or leg rather than the wall, but the technique is essentially the same. The advantage of airbrushing them on is the variation in color that you can achieve. Let’s say you want a butterfly. Think of the variations in color that you could achieve. Plus, with the right airbrushes and compressors, it’s quick, painless, and perfect. You can top them off with crystal tattoos.

The Benefits Of Airbrush Tattoos

An airbrushed tattoo provides all the benefits of a fashion accessory. They should be fun. They can be sexy. They can be full of meaning, or just plain crazy. There is no limit other than your imagination and common decency defines the limits.


Temporary tattoos are pain-free, as they don’t involve any breaking of the skin, as the only things that make contact with the skin are air and ink. Permanent tattoos involve long sessions of needles which some people can find uncomfortable and can be sore for a while after.

Long-term Commitment Free

They are good for those who are not fully certain of what final design they want and having one as an experiment can help people find out whether they will still like the presence of a tattoo after a few days, let alone a lifetime. The short life span of a temporary tattoo means that if you work in a highly professional and less liberal work environment, by the time Monday morning arrives it can be long gone from your skin.

Just for Fun!

Anyone can have a go at getting involved. With an airbrush and compressor and the right ink, you can get some stencils or make your own, get started, and spray creatively! Let your imagination run wild on friends and family!

Airbrush Tattoo Kits – A Guide to a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo

If you are an airbrushing newbie we would suggest finding someone who has a kit already. With any luck, they may let you have a go. It really is best to try doing it before you jump in and buy a full kit. It's probably not as easy as you may think to produce a good design which people will like and even pay you good money for producing!

When starting airbrush tattoos the initial outlay is quite large for equipment. As a guide, a good kit with an airbrush, airbrush compressors, stencils, paints, etc will cost between £500.00-£1000.00 to set up. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do your homework and get the correct kit.

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