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DMAE Cream – Is Face Lifting Necessarily Good for Your Skin?

DMEA cream? - anti-ageing cream

There has been quite a bit of news activity around anti-aging skin creams over the past few days. The Montreal Gazette and the Calgary Herald, for example, ran a news story about anti-aging creams, and whether the claims made for them are wholly correct. Others have singled out DMAE cream in their headlines, although reading the full articles tends to suggest that the criticism being made by the experts quoted are more general and not specifically aimed at this particular cream.

Others have picked up upon the suggestion that users are experiencing a face lifting effect, and have researched the medical papers available about DMAE cream.

Third Age has found a reference to DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) in a published in 2007 by the British Journal of Dermatology by Pharmacologist, Francois Marceau, of Laval University in Quebec which they suggest exposes the most likely cause of the effects claimed for the cream as a skin-firming solution:

“He [Marceau] found that when skin cells were exposed to DMAE, tiny compartments inside the cells swelled up and some cells died,” explaining that the swelling, “is a likely explanation for the skin thickening, or firming,”

According to Third Age, Marceau goes on to reassure his readers that the swelling is “not necessarily very dangerous, but has not been properly analyzed scientifically” adding, “I would like to see them follow formal FDA rules for drug development.”

Certainly, the FDA has itself expressed concerns recently over some claims made by companies endeavoring to sell their anti-aging creams. There are, of course, guidelines which the cosmetics companies must comply with. For example, they are in general not allowed to state that their product “alters the structure or function of the body or treats or prevents disease”. To do so would be to make a “drug claim” for their product and of quite naturally, as a consequence would invoke all the regulations that apply to drug testing.

The FDA is thought to maintain a list of more than 80 companies with whom they have held concern about some of their product promotions which may have crossed the line into being drug claims.

These companies are mostly the smaller players, a spokeswoman for the agency has reportedly stated.So, what is special or different about DMAE cream that might have prompted this special attention? It is the extent to which the claims extend for amazing results.

For example, Skin-Remedies.Com state on their web site that in one study, “a group of patients applied a 3% DMAE-enriched cream on one cheek, and a control cream lacking DMAE, on the other cheek. Forty-five minutes after topical application of the two treatments, researchers measured both skin firmness and hydration. The DMAE cream not only improved hydration of the skin, but improved skin tone as well.”They state that other DMAE cream use studies have been undertaken which, reportedly, show a significant long term improvement in loss of wrinkles, improved skin tone, and reduction in skin sag.Others have made statements that differ, but suggest that the cream produces very positive and rapid results. DMAE cream provided by is described as reportedly responsible for a dramatic “disappearing-act” of dark spots. And, it they also say it promotes a smoother, more even skin color.

You can find DMAE cream, lotion and gel at the cosmetic counter in department stores, some health food stores and some chemists as a combination of Elastin & DMAE   They also report a dramatic disappearing-act of dark spots, and allude to a smoother, more even skin color.

Skin Eternal(tm) DMAE Serum is another product in the DMAE mould, where they describe the serum as easily absorbed into the skin, and say that it immediately makes the skin feel softer and replenished.

The Reviva Labs product line which includes Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester, and DMAE cream-based products is currently one of the most popular offerings from the company.
There have been no reports of side effects when applying DMAE cream or lotion, which we have seen. However, we understand that extensive research has yet to be carried out on DMAE creams.

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