Exercises to Relieve Your Sciatica Symptoms

One treatment for sciatica pain is to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles through simple exercises. The stronger these muscles are, the less your spine has to carry the weight of most of your body.  Make sure to consult a doctor, certified athletic trainer, or a chiropractor who can give you advice on the right […]

how to groom a wheaten terrier

The Wheaten Terrier – Grooming and Care

Wheaten Terriers are lovely dogs as pets but they do need a lot of grooming, so we decided to create this article on the subject of grooming a Wheaten Terrier, and general Wheaten care. How to Groom A Wheaten Terrier Wheaten terrier The soft coated wheaten terrier would be thought about by a lot of […]

St Patricks Day: Stories and Recipes from Ireland

'This book is a real gem. It provides a really unique insight into St Patricks Day from an Irish viewpoint' says Eileen Savos.'It has some terrific photos and super recipes. Even showing us ways to prepare tripe!'. The Irish are infamous for storytelling and not surprisingly the book weaves together lots of stories and memories […]