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Rachael Ray Weight Loss – How She Put It On & Lost It!

Rachael Ray and weight reduction are being discussed a lot just recently, so we decided that we would introduce our readers to the tale of Rachael Ray (presenter of the television show of the exact same name) and her experience of weight gain and by a quirk of fate then succeeding in weight management.

Rachael Ray

Image by nickmickolas via Flickr

TELEVISION presenter Rachael Ray had actually constantly been active and naturally healthy but much like most of us, she in some way managed to slowly gain weight.

She tried various things to obtain back down to her preferred weight not really effectively, that all changed in 2009, when Rachael was offered throat surgical treatment to eliminate a cyst. That surgical procedure wholly led to a recuperation period during which she lost weight to the point where she could fit in hot bikini and skinny jeans. she then devised her own effective weight management plan and now lives by her personal ideas to lose weight, and on ways to keep your body healthy and fit, while not regaining the pounds.

Rachael Ray’s is a technique to reduce weight by a technique which craftily stays clear of the idea of actually dieting. The principles she applied are basic: do not consume if you are not hungry, do not return to previous mistakes that got you obese formerly, do not miss out on dishes, set an useful target concerning how you desire your body to look, constantly drink water instead of soda, lowered fast-food, and give yourself the luxury occasionally of dishes with major ingredients of newly prepared veggies and fruits.

Rachael Ray

Image by nickmickolas via Flickr

The whole idea of weight loss dieting in which scale watching is a passtime, is not a concept Rachael would go for. Apparently, she doesn’t know how much weight she has lost, except that she has dropped several dress sizes.

“Since I never get on a scale, I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost!” she says.

To find out more about her weight management strategy, and that devised by others who she has interviewed, plus stories of interviewees, we have included some links to recent blogs with relevance to  Rachael Ray and successful weight loss:

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