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Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss Plus How and Why She Did It!

Jennifer Hudson shwos the success of her weight lossThere are a number of reports that the Oscar and Grammy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson, who has shed more than 80 lbs. on the Weight Watchers program, has signed a deal to turn her weight loss journey into a book. Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Group, will is expected to publish the so far un-named book which is due out in January 2012. Her publisher declined to comment on whether Hudson would include in her text any thoughts about the 2008 shooting murders of her mother, brother and nephew. The estranged husband of Hudson's sister has been charged with the killings.

Hudson’s weight has yo-yoed through the years. She gained 20 lbs. for her role as Effie in ‘Dreamgirls,’ for which she was awarded her Oscar. She later became a Weight Watchers spokesperson, dropping from a size 16 to a size 6 in the process. Her newly knockout figure is seen (and her soaring voice heard) on Weight Watchers commercials that are played dozens of times per day.

Jennifer wants to give weight loss advice and explain her journey from childhood where healthy living wasn’t a priority.

You will quite often find Hudson speaking out about the importance of healthy living. In May of this year, Jennifer Hudson attended Weight Watchers’ 3rd Annua I Walk-It-Out Challenge. During the challenge $100,000 was donated to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation an organization that’s trying to stop childhood obesity. The decision to losing weight stemmed from being a good example for her son. Hudson says she lost 80 pounds with the help of weight watchers and her husband’s support. What most people find impressive is that she wants to end the generational cycle of a non-active and unhealthy lifestyle for her son.

That's the upside, but there are people saying that it’s pretty much impossible to watch television these days and not see Jennifer Hudson’s newest Weight Watchers commercial. As an American Idol contestant and Oscar-winning actress she is clearly big for this type of advertsiing and she must be doing a lot to promote the program’s Points system. She has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss her success. You cannot really complain too much. There aren't too many better causes right now – given the appallingly high US obeesity rate. She will likely inspire others, by talking about her resolve to keep the weight off and stay healthy for her family.

Ms. Hudson has discussed previously the primary reason for her decision to join Weight Watchers. Her son David, born in August of 2009, was her inspiration and “source of strength”, she says. She also believes losing weight has improved her voice. She say that her vocal range is now nearly the same as was when she was a teenager.

Jennifer Hudson, is known mostly from her role in the musical Dreamgirls, and has spoken to Live Smart magazine about her new body. No wonder that she has been giving so many interviews and receiving so much publicity since she shocked the media world by appearing at the Academy Awards Ceremony in such a tight dress and revealed her slim, new physique. Jennifer appears to have lost the weight in quite a short period of time, causing concern among some of her friends and family. Some said she may be suffering from an eating disorder earlier this month, but most report discount this.

Jennifer Hudson - after successful weight loss seen singing hereIn her interview for Live Smart magazine, Jennifer talked about her struggle to lose weight and how it affected her life. She felt on her own skin how different the world of show business is to the real world in terms of body image. Jennifer Hudson says that she always felt normal growing up in her hometown Chicago, as everybody around her was more or less the same size as her. She didn’t notice how much she stood out from the rest of the tinseltown crowd until a journalist asked her how she feels “being a big girl in Hollywood.” It is only then that she started feeling insecure about her body and wanting to lose weight.

Many of her fans think it is amazing for her that she has been able to grab hold of a developing weight problem and take control of her life so positively. With her talent they are convinced she can go will be in the limelight for a long while to come. However, perversely, there have been some commentators who have said that her new figure may have decreased her appeal because now she now so much resembles a lot of other Hollywood talent. However, by her success so far we think such deliberations are a long way wide of the mark.

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