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TextSuite™ User Review – Why I Use Text Suite Every Day (by Beta Tester)

Image is our TextSuite User Review Thumbnail .This TextSuite user review explains why I use TextSuite™ every day. Its many features, never before included in Jon Leger's best Article Marketing Content Creation Software, make it a must-have!

[This updated review was originally posted here on Jul 26, 2017.]

Read on and you'll find out why as a Beta Tester for 6 weeks before launch in 2017 I was using this for my content creation before I bought it.

I have been using it to quickly write articles and add a ton of new high-quality content to multiple websites. (Just look around on this website and see the results of our work!)

I wrote this originally in 2017.  It's now 2020 as I am writing this update, and I am STILL USING TextSuite every day! It's that good. I now have multiple websites and the most successful regularly receive over 10k visitors daily.

How Textsuite can create high quality and viral content

It's an all-in-one Article Marketing, Content Creation Productivity app.

It has been devised by Jon Leger, and his team. Jon has for many years been an article content creation expert. This tool is probably the best article software available anywhere for this purpose. But first, let me explain why as a blogger and webmaster I use it.

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Content is really important for webmasters. Why?

When people surf the web, they are looking for information. They aren't looking for you specifically unless you're well-known.

If they visit your site and don't very quickly find what they're looking for, they will leave in no time.

And they probably won't return to your site. (Well, they might stumble back onto your site, but not on purpose!) But, if they find great information the will certainly stay!

When you use TextSuite skilfully the articles will be so good that visitors will enjoy what they read, or find your article very useful. I find that by using this app they will inevitably also spread the word about your high-quality articles and that way your blog will rise in the search engine results and constantly attract new visitors.

Adding new high-quality content to your site regularly is beneficial for SEO. Why?

With more content, you will have more pages indexed by the search engines. It Generates Highly Unique Content. More pages indexed means you will have more opportunities for people to find you via search engines.

So how do I get content for my websites aided by the TextSuite app?

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1. Using my unique knowledge

Everybody knows something others don't. Whenever possible I use my own unique insight and knowledge to provide content.

The way to do this is to think about the activities you've participated in, in the past. Think of what you've learned through those past experiences, and in particular of problems that you were confronted with. Use your unique insights to set about helping people by explaining how you resolved those problems and how they can too.

Any experiences can help, whether at home, school, work, or anywhere else. Of course, providing your own content regularly can be very difficult, and none of us can be an expert at everything.

TextSuite excels when you don't know much or indeed anything at all about a subject!

How I Use Textsuite; I open up Text Suite and add in the main keyword. TextSuite then goes to work and shows me a selection of related keywords complete with traffic data, and their estimated advertising bid price. (It's usually best to use one of the less competitive 3 or 4-word keywords TextSuite shows you which will rank more easily than the general keyword I usually start from.)

Choose a keyword, and by the press of a button, TextSuite places my chosen keyword in the search pane to start curating the top 10 Google SERP listed websites.

Press the “Research” button and the app pulls in the text content from the top 10 Google SERP results for your keyword. The text from each of the highest-ranking pages is shown in separate tabs stripped of all HTML code. It is an easy matter to read through the content from each site and cut and paste relevant paragraphs into your draft article in the “article pane”, which is itself arranged with tabs for the article intro, and conclusion sections.

Now that you have the text for your article, re-read it, restructure the content logically and now decide whether to curate the content (by adding a citation style link at the end of each quoted curated paragraph) or to re-write it. (Hint: Usually a combination of the two methods works best.)

I find that curation works very well in my technical blog niche.  So, for the curation method, I copy the link for the relevant source website to each paragraph of the text I just copied into the article pane and place that link below the paragraph preceded with the word “Via” or “Source:”.

Alternatively, for re-writing; I rewrite the copied text line by line before I publish the article. I do this to avoid any possibility of plagiarism. Both ways work very well.

Finally, If I run out of good text to re-write (or curate) from the top 10 Google pages for the first keyword, I select a second relevant keyword from the sub-keyword list, and I repeat that process again, if necessary until I have a relevant article of about 800+ words.

It takes much longer to describe the method than do it! Very soon I have a content-rich and highly authoritative article on any subject – even for subjects I knew nothing about until I sat down to write the article!

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Make Money from Content Creation

What's even better is that by condensing all the thoughts and information in the top 10 SERP results into my article, Google will love these articles. In fact, my new article by being a distillation of all that was good in the best 10 articles will AUTOMATICALLY be devoured by Google!

TextSuite is an article writing productivity aid, but more than that, it's gold-dust because as a blog writer I've found that with continued article posting to my blogs over several years, they now gain over 10,000 monthly searches per blog.

As a result, people come to me almost every day to ask me to add guest posts for which they pay handsomely!

2. Personal stories

Personal stories are the basis of some sites and blogs. Want to connect with your audience and let them know more about you? Use personal stories. However, if you don't want to be too personal, make sure you inject your personality into your writing. Personality differentiates you from the rest and can keep visitors coming back.

To be perfectly honest, TextSuite isn't designed to help with these but stories can be great to develop your brand and raise the level of loyalty of your followers.

3. How-to guides

People have problems and like to figure out how to solve them. Had some problems you struggled with for a while? Did you eventually solve them? The way you solved each one could be written into a how-to guide. You write a how-to guide about your expert area. For example, if you're a technical computer whiz, you could write a how-to guide for fixing computers.

Believe it or not, TextSuite can be used to write “How to Guides” for common problems. All it needs is for a number of people to have written guides already on their web pages, you pick the best of the best guidance by using the best ideas from the text in the top 10 easily by using TextSuite!

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4. Do research

TextSuite User Review featured image. (Text Suite)Do some research on the web. Use search engines, search directories, and follow links to find relevant sites. Do some research at your local library. Grab some books about your site's topic and start digging through them. Find local experts, teachers, and professors and ask them questions about your site's topic. When you research, note down interesting ideas and you'll undoubtedly learn more. You'll have more unique knowledge that you can turn into content. You might even discover something earth-shattering!

Let's be honest, if you intend to go offline for more information about a topic TextSuite can't do that! However, such a lot of the total wisdom available on almost all subjects is available nowadays online that external research isn't usually needed.

Without TextSuite it takes a lot more time:

  • finding the right pages in search engines
  • extracting quotes and citation links etc., and
  • re-assembling them logically to create an authoritative article.

In this TextSuite massively assists authors with their article creation, by:

  • helping with keyword research,
  • helping collect all the researched content into an article, and finally
  • writing the article, using re-writing techniques, or curation.

If you have read any reviews about Jon's other software such as Article Builder, The Best Spinner, Instant Article Factory, Keyword Titan, YouTube Snooper, Swipe Viral, and Backlink Sniper you will find that it is all good, and comes with top support from the dedicated Prosperative Team.

Rewrite articles sentence by sentence

You can export articles into text software and then rewrite articles sentence for sentence.

You may also modify this article to create your own uniqueness and to improve your SEO strategy.

What is TextSuite?

The Internet is booming with content. To be making sales with great content you'll need to be creating a lot of really great content. Creating new content for a blog is a very attractive business strategy.

Previously this could only be done by spending hours on computers or paying out for outsourced article writing tasks.

It is easier for users to create unique content with Text Suite. It offers an easy to use tool for creating unique content and creating viral content. It's software that automatically produces content quickly and efficiently.

Text Suite Review

Among automation tools, there are few which have drawn more attention since it was first offered in 2017 than this text suite.

It can help you overcome the challenges of writing content. Text Suite is an incredibly useful content creation tool when creating content quickly and has many advantages for creating content with ease. While Google and other search engines are going on providing ever better link relevance, it becomes all the more true that content is king.

There was always in the past an issue with delivering quality content quickly but this app is your ally in that and can massively cut the time to write great articles. Text Suite is the only content creation tool you'll ever need!

More than 1,00,000 + PLR Articles in the Linked Database

This is the most advanced content creator tool for the internet marketer. The text database contains over 1,000 pieces from over 1002 categories. There are articles in dozens of niches.

Even if you're in a different area of health and fitness – such as depression – it'll be easy to find an interesting article by simply clicking.

You can choose the niche and sub-nation categories and place your keywords and your article is completed within a few minutes. The article can be used as many times as desired.

Yes, I strongly believe that this is a “one of its kind” content creator tool.

For more information about TextSuite -The Ultimate Content Creation Multi-Tool! click on the button below:

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