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Adele Eyelashes, and How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

Many people think that the eyelash fascination trend which we see all around us, these days, started with Adele, and certainly she is very skilled in generating a fascination for her “brand” a part of which is her distinctive looks which are accentuated by her eyelash beauty. Nobody could contest thath the British music artist has very beautiful thick eyelashes. The abundant thickness of those lashes makes her already beautiful eyes even more beautiful! No wonder taht more than ever before women these days are looking for eyelash growth products review, so they would know which products to buy.

Many people also love Adele’s eyelashes. In truth, they actually love her eye make-up in total! If you want to emulate her go to YouTube, where there are quite a few how-to videos about copying Adele’s lovely smoky eye make-up.

Adele’s lush lashes make many ladies seriously envious. So they will be thrilled to hear that now you don’t have to go to Great Britain to get your hands on her favorite mascara, anymore but it is not available online. The Grammy-winning singer is a longtime fan of the Skinny Brush mascara by British brand Eyeko. The chat on the web suggestsg that she even used a few swipes of Skinny Brush mascara instead of false lashes for her “Someone Like You” video, which the brand has tweeted about. This mascara product has now finally traveled across the Atlantic, and is now available stateside exclusively at Sephora stores.

Great Adele Eyelashes
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Great Adele Eyelashes


I think if I had Adele’s voice, anything else would be secondary for me. Have you heard the lady’s voice? My goodness! When Adele sings it’s like an angel is singing. You never want the song to ever end!  The favorite song of hers among the group of us girls in the office here is, “Someone Like You”. But, of course, we also like her other popular songs like “Chasing Pavements” and “Rolling in the Deep”.

The year 2011 was officially dubbed the year of Adele, but with her continuing success, will that title be true for 2012 as well? Adele was nominated for six Grammy Awards and during the 2012 Grammy show; it was revealed that she won all six of her nominations. That’s right, Adele won six of six making her one of few artists to ever accomplish such a feat.

She, having grabbed six Grammy Awards, in March 2012, is now “covered” in the March issue of Vogue and that edition also contains a full editorial spread about her. To be featured in the March issue of Vogue is a major compliment to Adele, as it is one of the most important of their annual editions, because it precedes Fashion Week. To us, it comes as no surprise that someone as highly acclaimed, as Adele has been chosen to cover the issue.


Barbara Tfank, is one of the singer’s go-to designers, during New York Fashion Week she is quoted as saying: “I work with Adele on a regular basis,” Tfank told It’s true—Adele wears Tfank’s designs to important outings, like this week’s Sony Grammy Party. “She has things in mind that she wears all the time, but I never know when she’s going to wear them. It’s a pleasant surprise when it happens.”

But, what can you do, if you don't have long enough eyelashes to make the same effect with mascara?

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Do you seek lovely Adele Eyelashes?

Many desire longer lashes, and find it helpful to know how to make eyelashes longer. There are several different options available for those who need to enhance the look of their eyelashes. One of the top how to make eyelashes grow longer techniques involves using serum. This helps stimulate natural growth, while conditioning and protecting your eyelashes. One reason to know how to make your eyelashes grow longer is because they provide vital protection to your eyes. Without your lashes, your eyes wouldn’t be able to resist a lot of irritants.

There are several reasons why serum is used in” how to make lashes grow longer” techniques. One of the top ingredients used includes polypeptides, which have been used in dermatology products for many years. If you’ve been looking for a great how to make eyelashes grow longer product, this may be your best option. You’ll find that the volume of your lashes is increased greatly. Another reason why serum is desired as a how to make eyelashes grow longer product is because the lashes are thickened. This helps contribute to the overall look that you’re seeking.

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